Brasseurs du Temps

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Our mission at Les Brasseurs du Temps is to produce beer with top quality ingredients and we promise that only the best beer will make it into your glass.

Our modern beers are crafted with a creative flair and an eye out for exotic aromas and enchanting mouthfeel.

We also craft traditional beers in age-old brewing traditions. We are comitted to cook with available regional products and to contribute to our local economy. In doing so we endeavor to participate in sustainable agriculture and development.

We believe that it is our patron's inherant right to savour the best food the market has to offer.

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  • Mar 10, 2012
    JimBeam1983 (152)Rank: Beer ExplorerGroup: Microbrewery explorer
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    I haven't known about this brewery for a long time since a friend brought me one of their products recently but I have to admit that a visit on their website had me impressed y the wide range of products they hold. It's not only the total number of beers but moreso, the less typical styles of beer this microbrewery decided to include that sets it apart. I won't know for sure until I try most of their brews or until I visit the place in person but thumbs up for the creativity in the craftsmanship.