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Heavy Seas is to be the best combination of innovative thinking and traditional methods in the beer world today.  We believe that adherence to this goal will deliver to consumers beers of unique character with both a sense of adventure and hedonistic pleasure.  It is our challenge to navigate the Heavy Seas with success.  It is your job to join in the fun.

Why Heavy Seas?

Combined, Hugh Sisson (founder) and Ernie Igot (brewmaster),  represent over 50 years of experience in developing, producing, marketing, and selling fine beer.  They are both totally driven by the passion to make beers of the absolute highest quality, great finesse and balance.  Their wealth of experience gives them a firm foundation in the values of traditional brewing methods, but they also share a desire to create new beer experiences.  The result is the best of both worlds – innovative beer thinking blended with the best elements of traditional methods.

  1. Multiple fleets highlighting a broad range of styles and gravities plus a desire to continue developing new flavors
  2. The brewery employs over 7 different yeast varieties to create unique flavors
  3. Many beers are naturally conditioned in either the bottle or cask.  Our cask ales are sought after up and down the east coast
  4. Combining both flower and pellet hops results in bold flavors with elegance and subtlety
  5. Filtration is often coarse and sometimes eliminated entirely, yielding more rounded, satisfying flavors
  6. Certain beers are given special wood aging yielding additional complexity
  7. A number of beers are vintage dated, intended to be aged for increased complexity


Hugh Sisson opened Baltimore's first brewpub Sisson's in 1989, encouraging the re-emergence of craft beer in Baltimore. Mr. Sisson was the first brew master at this pioneering brewpub, and developed a broad knowledge of beer styles and brewing techniques.

 In 1995, Hugh decided that it was time to leave Sisson's and move the beers to a larger platform, so he established and developed Clipper City as the Baltimore area's largest facility producing high caliber beers for wholesale distribution. In late Fall of 1998 Clipper City merged/acquired the Oxford Brewing Company, Maryland's first craft brewery.

 In 2003, Clipper City developed another brand for the beer aficionado: Heavy Seas.  The Heavy Seas line represents our highest expression of the brewer's art with very robust styles and ABVs usually in excess of 7%.

 In 2009, the Mutiny Fleet was launched offerring bigger, bolder beers in 22oz bottles. All are seasonal.

 In 2010, Clipper City made the brand name change to Heavy Seas Beer and launched new packaging and wider distribution with a fresh logo. The Oxford Organic brand was retired.

 Currently Clipper City Brewing, home of Heavy Seas Beer produces 21 styles of ales and lagers and is distributed in over 18 states. Our beers have won hundreds of International, National, and regional awards. For all product details, please visit the "Beers" page.

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  • Mar 15, 2010
    osnest (2)Rank: Beer Novice
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    fantastic tour and great beer to sample after the tour. tours are on Saturdays and book up quickly so plan ahead. check website for times and directions.