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Minhas Craft Brewery is the 10th largest brewery in America. Located in the quaint Swiss town of Monroe in the southern tip of Wisconsin, a town famous for having the most specialty cheesemakers in America, the very famous 'Cheesedays' and of course, world class beers. The brewery has been located downtown since 1845. The brewery consists of 300,000 sqaure feet of heritage and brand new buildings spread over 7 acres of land in the heartland of America. We make all types of beer, ales and lagers. This includes American and Canadian Lagers, Pale Ale, Red Ale, Amber Ale, Bock, Farmhouse Ale, Hefeweizen, Dark, Light, Lager, Ice, Malt Liquours up to 13% alcohol by volume, Classic Pilsner, Euro Pilsner. Oktoberfest, Winter Ale, Lime ansd many more styles of beer. These beers are made with 2 row and 6 row malts and are handcrafted in small batches. We actually have 20 million pints of beer (equivalent) at different stages of finish at all times at the brewery. We also make old fashioned Blumers root beer and sodas. Although not our primary business, we also do contract packaging for Dixie, Berghoff, Kum and Go, Crunk, Atomic and various other companies.

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