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  • Brooklyn Brewery Thumb
    United States Brooklyn, New York 4

    Brooklyn Brewery

    The brewery started in 1987, in upstate New York as the owners started to sell their product throught the streets of New York. Today the brewery is among the top 40 in the US.

  • Chelsea Brewing Company Thumb
    United States New York, New York 3.3

    Chelsea Brewing Company

    The Chelsea Brewing Company's brewery is Manhattan's largest microbrewery. The brewery consists of a copper and brass 30 barrel brewhouse, six 60 barrel uni-tanks, four 30 barrel uni-tanks, two 60 barrel bright beer tanks and six 15 barrel servers which are located behind the bar in the restaurant. The brewery features a fully automat...

  • Sixpoint Craft Ales Thumb
    United States Brooklyn, New York N/A

    Sixpoint Craft Ales

    Sixpoint proudly represents the creative resurgence in craft beer.

  • Kelso of Brooklyn Thumb
    United States Brooklyn, New York N/A

    Kelso of Brooklyn

    We feel that brewing is an art and take great pride in our beers. We don't spend a lot of time trying to come up with innovative advertising strategies (clearly), new fancy logos or crazy soundbytes. We brew beer. Good beer. We hope you have a chance to try one (or two) at your favorite neighborhood bar. Maybe we'll even see you there ......

  • The Cayman Islands Brewery Thumb
    Cayman Islands George Town 4.5

    The Cayman Islands Brewery

    International Gold Medal Award Winner Caybrew as well as Caylight and Ironshore Bock are the products of The Cayman Islands Brewery located in sunny Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Brewed to the highest International Standards, our facility is state of the art and we look forward to having you visit us when on island. Drink Strong...

  • Heartland Brewery Thumb
    United States New York, New York 4.9

    Heartland Brewery

    When Heartland Brewery opened as New York's first American style brewpub on Union Square in 1995, our city was not the hotbed of brewpubs, beer bars and evolved beer drinking experience it is today. Heartland was one of the pioneers to ignite New Yorker's passion for craft beers. Since then, Heartland has consistently brewed New York's fr...

  • Bomb Beer Company Thumb
    United States New York, New York N/A

    Bomb Beer Company

    Beers are currently contract brewed in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. If you can’t be true to yourself, you can’t tell the truth. Period. That’s what we believe in, and that’s what we’ll stick up for. We hope you enjoy. Always do so responsibly!

  • The Bronx Brewery Thumb
    United States Bronx, New York N/A

    The Bronx Brewery

    The Bronx Brewery was founded in 2009 by a small team with two things in common: a maniacal focus on creating high-quality beer and a passion for the Bronx.

  • Original Sin Hard Cider Co.  Thumb
    United States New York, New York N/A

    Original Sin Hard Cider Co.

    In 1997, Original Sin’s founder, Gidon Coll, set out on a mission to create a great American cider, both dry and natural. He extensively researched the history of cider and cider making and soon began sourcing the best apples and yeast strains. Supported by a local wine expert, he began mixing and testing in a small upstate New York...