The 4 Worst Beer Marketing Gimmicks

By Jim Cohen | May 27, 2010 | 10 Comments |
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We have all seen them – the “catchy” commercial that panders to our inability to discern “cool commercials” from “silly marketing gimmicks” (Insert random reality TV show here). Beer drinkers around the country are not immune to these marketing ploys. In fact, big brewers are notorious for their advertising gimmicks.

Time and time again, we at Beer Universe sit and ponder how these commercials even get funded. These commercials really work? People fall for them? It’s amazing how these marketing ploys actually gain traction in the market. Sometimes it makes us wonder that if consumers purchase beer due to these ads, can you imagine what they would do if they actually drank good beer? *GASP* 

We have put together 4 of the worst marketing gimmicks that we have seen in the past few years. We’ll spend some time explaining them as well—just so you know how silly we think they are.


4.) The Vent Lets in More Air, We Swear! (Coors Light)

Do you remember these ads from a few years back? The vented wide mouth can was supposed to change the way you poured beer.  Coors was revolutionizing the way aluminum cans were perceived in the market, another step towards mankind’s victory over metal.

Did you believe that? Oh, sorry. Well the only benefit of these cans was to provide a “smooth refreshing pour.” I’m sorry, what does that even mean? How can my pour be refreshing? My cans work just fine as is…next!


3.) Drinkability. Umm…What is Drinkability? (Bud Light)

Drinkability: let us ponder the meaning of this word. We are sorry to the Bud Light fans out there—but Bud Light is no more drinkable than any other beer out there. In fact you can drink all beers (that’s kinda the point).

If “Drinkability” means that it is close to water, then Bud Light this campaign was a huge success.  Need more proof that this ad campign was a failure? Sales dipped 2.5% and they replaced the campaign with current campaign of “Here we go!”


2.) I Really Need a “Cold-Activation” Window! (Coors Light)

We are going to pair this up with Coors Light’s blue mountains on the cans and bottles. Recently, Coors also introduced the “Cold-Activation” window to make sure, you, as a consumer see that their “technology” is working.

Our response? Pick-up the beer – your hand will do the work for you. If you can’t tell it’s cold – you have already had too much to drink…


1.) My Beer Goes Through a Vortex. (Miller Lite)

It’s the coming of a new age – pouring your beer will never be the same! Really? This tops all of the marketing gimmicks we’ve ever seen. The idea behind the bottle was to “create buzz and excitement and give consumers another reason to choose Miller.” Well after a dismal year where sales shrank by 1.7% Miller would need a reason to help consumers pick Miller Lite.

There is no reason to have a vortex in your bottle. Besides the fact that glassware matters for beer, bottles have worked just fine for beer for the past hundreds of years. We’ll take a huge pass on this Miller Lite.

At the end of the day, we believe you should follow your gut. If you like drinking a beer, go for it. However, don’t let a silly marketing gimmick win you over.

Your Choice. Your Beer. Drink Up.
- Beer Universe


10 Comments · The 4 Worst Beer Marketing Gimmicks

  • I love the topic, but it's totally ripped from the much better version here:

    • Blakepoto
    • Beer Explorer
    • May 27, 2010

    I do agree these are bad but ill have to tell ya: The most interesting man in the world is a great gimmick: Anyone?

  • @Blakepoto - those commercials are actually kind of funny.

    @Sirron - I like these ones better :)

  • I was expecting Spuds McKensie.

  • @Davy_Gam Seriously? Spuds ruled.

    • mrreeve
    • Beer Novice
    • May 27, 2010

    Spuds did rule. Good call.
    All these things they do to these watered down beers crack me up. I wonder if these new gimmicks work?

  • We're not buying into the vortex either and like Blakepoto we enjoy the most interesting man in the world. Viva Dos Equis!

  • Most of these feel like they come out of pressure on the marketing departments of these companies. And it must work in some way, you'd think. I would love to find some objective stats on how each campaign worked.

  • I just heard on the radio today that coors light now hows a cold and really cold labels so you know when ur beer is cold or really cold lol

  • OK. None of these are beers... please replace all instances of beer with "beer". The fact that these companies call their product beer is a marketing gimmick.

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