New Device Dispenses Beer from the Bottom Up

By Jim Cohen | December 25, 2010 | 1 Comments |
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On a Christmas day, we all wish for miracles. It’s a time when many people around the world are opening up presents from their loved ones and showing their appreciation for friends and family throughout the year. Well, if you were to think of Beer Universe this Christmas – we have found what would’ve been on our wishlist…

Pour our beer from the bottom up, please.

This magical machine (depicted in the machine to the right) is a scientific machine to help eliminate the foam from heavy draft beers. “Grin On Industries” (Motto: “Keep Your Grin On.”) has developed the “Bottoms Up” draft beer dispensing system, “the fastest dispensing system in the world,” the Bottoms Up machine “fills [cups] at a rate of up to nine times that of traditional beer taps.” How does it work? We’re glad you asked.

Each cup has a big hole at the bottom that’s sealed with a flat circular magnet. The machine pops the magnet up and fills the cup from the bottom up. When the cup is full, the magnet retracts and the cup is sealed again once more.

For this cool effect and to offset the cost of the machine, each of these beers will cost more than your generic draft beer. However, the inventors believe that companies will purchase ads on the bottom of the magnets to help offset the cost to the owner of the bar.

For the beer connoisseurs out there, we know the foam on your beer does matter (we know that!). However, when you are standing in line at the ball park and waiting for a bud light – the head, let’s be honest, is really an afterthought.  If anything, you are getting more bang for your buck because the cup is actually filled with beer rather than foam that dissipates after 10 seconds.

Cheers to Grin on Industries – let’s hope that their invention stays within the light lager beers and doesn’t tread into the craft market. Well done on another great beer invention!

Your Choice. Your Beer. Drink Up.
- Beer Universe

1 Comment · New Device Dispenses Beer from the Bottom Up

  • great you can dispense slightly slower slightly more expensive miller lite for a game of beer pong that you can do when your wasted anyway

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