Bottom’s Up Beer Machine Goes Viral

By Wesley Griffin | January 20, 2011 | 1 Comments |
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We told you on Christmas Day about a machine with a whole new concept for serving draft beers.  Instead of pouring them from the top, the Bottom’s Up – yep, you guessed it – fills cups from a beer-dispensing system that lies hidden underneath.  When we first reported, it was a growing Youtube phenomenon and a potential cash cow for inventor Josh Springer and his start-up company, GrinOn Industries.

Well, the cow is getting fat.  Originally from Montesano, Washington, Springer and his friends reached out to Seattle-based RedHook Brewery with their idea.  The executives there were astonished by what they saw and invited Springer’s team up to demo the product in person.  They were thrilled, but there was a bit of work left to do.

After all, the Bottom’s Up dispenser had been the brainchild of a simple family dinner around Mexican food and margaritas.  The original prototype, as Springer recalls, “was glued, taped and scraped together.”  So he and his friends put in 20-hour workdays to tweak the design and come up with something that not only worked but would be financially practical to manufacture and sell.

The work has paid off.  The Bottom’s Up machine is almost unquestionably more efficient than traditional beer dispensing systems, not only filling cups faster – one video (below) shows 56 cups filled in just one minute! – but also doing so with less spillage and waste.  Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports writes that if it gets the opportunity, the invention could mean the death of long beer lines at sporting events.  And why shouldn’t it?  Venues that have already implemented the new system, like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Stadium and MGM Grand Las Vegas, report the need for fewer pourers and that the only remaining delay comes from taking money!

The only sticking point Springer finds is that the customized GrinOn cups are more expensive than traditional ones, about 45 cents each compared to 10 cents.  The extra cost comes from the placement of a magnet in the bottom of each cup that slides up to allow beer to enter and then back down to seal the cup’s hole.  They are integral to the product’s success and absolutely necessary, but instead of becoming an obstacle, the magnets offer additional opportunity.  Companies have begun to sponsor the cost of the magnets in order to advertise on them!  Once the beer is gone, the magnet can be kept and used on your refrigerator.

The Bottom’s Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is so creative and efficient that it has absolutely gone viral.  You might soon be able to leave your seat at a timeout or between innings and not miss any of the action.  Then again, you might get stuck marveling at how a young innovator from Washington state decided he could beat gravity – with beer.  It’s worth watching again!

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1 Comment · Bottom’s Up Beer Machine Goes Viral

    • Blakepoto
    • Beer Explorer
    • Jan 24, 2011

    A friends comment on this device:

    "They had one on the club level at Redskins games this year. The problem is that you cannot squeeze the cup at all, if you do the magnet on the bottom comes dislodged and the beer comes out through the bottom of the cup."

    -something to work on

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