Space Beer Ready for Testing

By Jim Cohen | February 17, 2011 | 0 Comments |
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We’re not sure how to get on the list to test this beer, but sign us up! My colleague reported a few months ago that there was a space beer in development by 4 Pines – well, it looks like the beer is scheduled to be produced on schedule.

4 Pines is based out of Manly, Australia and you could compare it to the recent craft beer phenomena in the US. Their stamp “Handcrafted beer brewed naturally” means that they take natural ingredients from the local area and brew the beer onsite. Specifically, each brew is part of a 500 liter batch with no artificial ingredients.

A member from Saber Astronautics Australia approached the brewery to develop a beer specifically for the space-tourism industry – because, let’s be honest, once you get into space there isn’t much to do but look at the pretty landscape and sip on a good brew.  However, brewing for space isn’t an easy task.

In space, people’s tongues swell and it becomes difficult to taste pretty much anything. It is said that astronauts regularly douse their food in Tabasco or salt just to get some flavor. Therefore, any beer that was to be consumed would have to be very flavorful so that people would actually recognize it was beer. The obvious choice? A stout, of course.

Another challenge? Burping. Since there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas, people burp both in space (appropriately called a “wet burp). 4 Pines had to develop a beer with very little carbonation for this reason, while maintaining the essence of beer – a difficult feat.

Jaron Mitchell, co-owner of 4 Pines told the Toronto Sun: “This is a new frontier for man, so why not have a good beer to go along with it?”

We completely agree. With tens of thousands of people signed up to travel into space in 2012 via Virgin Galatica and plans for a space hotel by Orbital Technologies in 2016 – the beer industry will need to adapt for a new market opportunity.

How about the rest of us earth-bound folks? 4 Pines promises that this beer will be available for international-distribution as well; however, it will be altered to fit with the atmospheric conditions suitable to our planet.

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