Coors Light Defines Super Cold

By Jim Cohen | May 23, 2011 | 2 Comments |
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Coors Light has been known to come out with some pretty unique marketing tactics, from a wide-mouthed beer can to putting a see through clear covering on cases of its beer. Soon enough, you will see one of their newest marketing gimmicks: super cold.

Super Cold Activated Coors Light as they call it will let consumers know when their beer is at the “peak of refreshment.” Don’t worry – they won’t lose the original mountains or the “cold” activation that was on earlier iterations of the product. Instead, after the mountains on the side of bottles and cans turn blue, there is an extra label (called “Super Cold”) that also turns blue.

According to the brand, studies indicate more than 70% of men who drink beer put their beers in the freezers (sigh). Coors argues that their technology allows these consumers to determine when they can remove their beers from the freezer (why not store your beer in a fridge?).

Could this gimmick possibly get any better? Perhaps. Only if they found a celebrity who could truly embody the essence of super cold. MillerCoors found the perfect spokesman in Ice Cube, who will be featured in a series of advertisements discussing “Cold Talk” and the “Cold Challenge.”  The advertising campaign is part of a $50 million marketing effort by MillerCoors to get Coors Light to overtake Budweiser as the 2nd most popular beer brand in the US.

Do you think this qualifies as one of the 4 worst beer marketing gimmicks? Actually, in Europe there have been many vendors who have touted “extra cold” or “super cold” as ways to increase sales, including Heineken Extra Cold. This is the first time we have noticed this trend coming towards the states, but perhaps it is not the last?

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2 Comments · Coors Light Defines Super Cold

  • If Ice Cube fails, maybe they can have Arnold Schwarzenegger do the commericals as Mr. Freeze! That might give Coors more attention than the actual (useless) 'super cold' can.

  • Serving piss super cold makes it taste better?

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