Breckenridge Brewery Disables Mass Marketed Beer Campaigns

By Jim Cohen | June 7, 2011 | 1 Comments |
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We’ve covered the 4 worst marketing gimmicks, and recently we described to you the invention of “Super Cold” by Coors Light – but there hasn’t been any formal response by competitors…until now. Breckenridge Brewery located in Denver, Colorado, has put out a series of videos mocking mass marketed beer (Budweiser, Coors, and Miller Lite) advertising campaigns.

Breckenridge was founded in the 1980’s with humble beginnings of founder Richard Squire, who wanted to ski all day and drink great beer all night. However, over the past 20 years the brewery has enjoyed substantial growth growing from 3,000 barrels of output a year to over 30,000! The brewery expects to produce ~40,000 barrels for 2011. In fact, the beer can be found in 25 states today.

The most recent fame for the brewery occurred in May, when they released 4 short videos titled “Truth in Beervertising.” Each spot features Breckenridge’s brewmaster and general manager, Todd Usry, and, facing the camera, head brewer, Bob Harrington. 

The videos, unlike their counterparts, were produced on a shoe-string budget of just $10,000. All were directed by Adam Fowler of KDVR Fox-31, Denver, on which network they will air exclusively, during local news, Broncos football and Sunday prime time programming. The ads have already received a lot of attention from the blogging community as well as viral spread on social media, proving quite the ROI for Breckenridge.

We’ve posted the 4 videos below, but here are some of our favorite one liners from the ads:

  • “Our hand crafted beer is triple hopped…twice, plus one. Sevendruple Hopped.”
  • “If you touch it and it’s cold, then it’s cold activation system.”
  • “When you tip it, the beer flows directly into your mouth. When you tip it back, the beer stops flowing.” – Gravity Activated Pouring

These ads are great and we wish Breckenridge all the success for producing great beer and hilarious commercials!

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- Beer Universe

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  • Very well done, especially for $10k!

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