The Very, VERY Many Varieties of Beer

By Jim Cohen | July 11, 2011 | 2 Comments |
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You love beer, right? You are learning all about the different types of beer and at some point your realize that the more varieties of beer you learn, the more it becomes like memorizing the state capitals. Well don’t worry guys, we got one of the greatest cheat sheets in the world.

The guys from Pop Chart Lab have designed the world's most comprehensive beer taxonomy – the design features 89 varieties of beer with over 200 representative quaffs. We had a chance to catch up with the guys at Pop Chart Lab and here’s what they said:

We've always been big fans of craft beer at Pop Chart Lab. Our very first print, which we launched back in August 2010, was "The Very Many Varieties of Beer." This print charted all the major styles of beers, with example brews for each style. Since then, we've also done a map of East Coast breweries as well as a t-shirt dedicated to high-gravity beers. After months of research, we're pleased to launch our followup to "The Very Many Varieties of Beer," entitled, fittingly enough, "The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer."

The new print includes some great styles the team wasn’t able to fit on the original, such as Pumpkin Ale and Black IPA, and includes glassware recommendations for each and every style. It covers six square feet, maps nearly 90 styles, and contains over 200 beers. The team said “It took months of research and design work to pull this one off. Thankfully beer is a very inspiring topic to work on—many a pint of Left Hand Milk Stout was consumed in the creation of this print!”

We’ve replicated the poster for your reference below, and you can now buy it in our store:

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2 Comments · The Very, VERY Many Varieties of Beer

  • Someone mixed up the Warsteiner Dunkel and Weihenstephaner Original.

  • Need this up on my wall to keep track of the different types of brews i've tried!

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