Brazil Transforms Beer Can into Beer Cup

By Jim Cohen | September 5, 2011 | 1 Comments |
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The beer can was a great invention. There hasn’t been much innovation in the design except variations in size, and potentially a wider mouth. Well, we were thoroughly impressed when we came across a newly designed can from Brazil’s AmBev – the first easy-to-open beer can that transforms into a drinking cup when the top is removed.

Pictured to the left, the can was invented for AmBev’s top brand Brahma and debuted over this past weekend. After conducting monthly researches with more than 2,500 consumers, AmBev noticed that consumers tended to enjoy drinking both from a can and a cup (inspirational, right?). Based on the feedback, they created a can called Brahma Copaço (Brahma Big Cup).

Another benefit of the new design is that it will reduce waste at sporting events. Since there won’t be a need for cups or bottles, it will reduce the amount of glass and plastic that consumers need to utilize.

AmBev’s marketing campaign opted to go for the idea of a “wedding” between the beer can and the cup, freely inspired by Prince William’s and Catherine’s royal wedding. The first part of the commercial eferences to the British event of the decade premiered on August 25, in which a regular can of Brahma beer (the royal) and a glass cup (the commoner) are treated as celebrities.

The second part of the campaign begins tomorrow, with the release of a short-movie detailing the milestones of the relationship, the planning of the wedding and the subsequent “birth” of Brahma Copaço.

The “beer cup” won’t be making its way to the US anytime soon; however, the concept is interesting enough that if it’s a hit in Brazil, Anheuser-Busch, the parent of AmBev, may bring its design to new markets.

The YouTube video of the campaign can be found here – let us know what you think! Would you like to see this type of can be brought to the domestic market?

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1 Comment · Brazil Transforms Beer Can into Beer Cup

  • not first. I remember Saphoro did it in the UK in the 90s, and Miller did it last year:

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