Charlie Sheen - From Rehab to Beer Commercial

By Josh Agate | April 17, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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Picking a celebrity to endorse a product can be tricky.  A number of factors come into play including: name recognition, relatability, and finding a way to link the product to the celebrity.  We wrote about one great example when Coors Light and Ice Cube faced off to see who was the coldest (see: Ice Cube to Stare Down Coors Light in New Commercials also see Will Ferrell in Old Milwaukee beer commercials).

Bavaria Brewing out of the Netherlands asked for the services of an unlikely spokesman in the beer world, Charlie Sheen.  Most people are familiar with Charlie’s antics in early 2011 that landed him in a rehab facility and eventually lead to his departure as the lead character in Two and a Half Men.  Since checking out of rehab, Charlie has made the most of his situation by allowing sponsors to poke fun at him in a number of commercials.  Two commercials currently running include a Fait commercial and a DirectTV ad which ends with the punch line “Don’t reenact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen”.

Continuing this playful trend, Bavaria has elicited the services of Sheen for promotion of their nonalcoholic brew Bavaria 0.0%.  In this ad, Sheen arrives home from his stint in rehab to a Welcome Home party, where everyone is drinking and having a great time.  A distraught Sheen tries to lock himself away from the party only to find the partygoers are drinking nonalcoholic Bavaria 0.0%.  He emerges though the door with a Bavaria 0.0% in hand and welcomes the crowd (see the commercial below).

Bavaria has put on the full court press with their nonalcoholic brew.  Another ad campaign tags Bavaria 0.0% as the “Personal Beer Trainer”.  This commercial utilizes two sculpted personal trainers, Brad and Kelly, showing you ways to get in shape using only a bottle of Bavaria 0.0%. See: Personal Beer Trainer Commercial

So why utilize a big name American actor to promote a nonalcoholic brew you ask?  Beer sales in Western Europe have been steadily declining for the past 5 years.  During that time, total beer sales have dropped 7% to 27.3 billion liters in total volume.  Oddly enough, during that same period, nonalcoholic beer sales have been on the rise.  Nonalcoholic beer sales have increased a whopping 37% to 520.5 million liters and market expects see this trend continuing through 2015.

Most bars in Western Europe even have NA offerings on tap.  Would you be surprised if you walked into your favorite American bar or club to find a nonalcoholic brew on tap?

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