CAN You Buy Into the Newest Innovation by Miller?

By Josh Agate | May 1, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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MillerCoors officially released their newest “innovation” last week, the Punch Top Can.  This can has been designated the official can for all Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft products.  The innovation will be featured on both 12oz and 16oz cans.  No word yet on whether 24oz “Tall Boys” will be converted.

If you drink your beer directly out of the can and in a time period greater than 27 seconds, this technology will do very little for you.  However, if you prefer to pour your ice cold Miller Lite into a pilsner glass or are a fan of “shotgunning,” there are some benefits to the Punch Top Can.  This can has a built-in, easy to punch, second tab which allows air to enter the can at the same rate beer flows out.  Without the access point, the beer “glugs” when it is being poured out because air enters the can through the same hole from which it is poured.  In 1996, Coors made the first attempt to combat this problem with the release of the Wide Mouth Can.  Twelve years later, they widened the opening 8% more and even added a vent.  MillerCoors remains hard at work in the crusade against gluging.

If this concept sounds familiar to you, it is because the first ever beer can was essentially a primitive Punch Top Can.  We brought you this story a few weeks ago about the Churchkey Can Company (see: Entourage Star Brings Back Nostalgic Can).  The first beer can was referred to as the flat top can and was opened with a churchkey.  This can opener is used to puncture two holes in opposite ends of the top of the can and has the same effect as the Punch Top Can.

Amy Breeze, Director of Innovation and Activation for Miller Lite (who knew that role existed?), provided some consumer feedback. “In our testing, consumers told us they prefer the Punch Top Can three-to-one over the standard beer can because it’s more like drinking from a pilsner glass.”  Most interesting of all is that MillerCoors has an entire department devoted to “Innovation and Activation for Miller Lite”.

MillerCoors will be releasing a number of ads promoting the improved can.  Their approach to the ad campaign from Smart: “We’re proud of our product and think everyone will have a blast exploring different ways to open it.”

So I ask you Beer Universe readers, how will you open your Punch Top Can? For more reading, take a look at how this plays into our Top beer 5 trends to watch for 2012.

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