Why You Should Drink More Local Brews

By Josh Agate | May 25, 2012 | 1 Comments |
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In the article Can the Craft Beer Market Continue to Thrive?, we evaluated the craft beer market and looked at ways that it might sustain current growth trends.  One of the primary reasons for this sustainability is based on the trend to buy local.  Over the past few years, most people in America can attest to the fact that there is a wider selection of quality local brews.  The benefits of buying local are numerous:

  • Be a green drinker.  Buying local is better for the environment.  The emissions from vehicles used to transport beer across the US are known to be dangerous.  Cutting down on transportation decreases the carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Local beer is fresher.  Local breweries have decreased ship times and in general are smaller in capacity.  Meaning smaller batches that get cycled through more regularly.
  • Brewers are even focusing on local ingredientsLakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, WI is staking the claim as releasing the first 100% local beer, which they have tabbed “Wisconsinite”.  The barely, hops, and wheat are all grown within 90 miles of the brewery.  The last ingredient, yeast, was specially developed from a native yeast strain.
  • Support the local economy.  Every brewery that you have enjoyed a beer from started off small.  Drinking local beer encourages new job growth and bolsters the local economy.

Besides going out to the convenient store and buying a six pack, there are numerous other ways to get out and try different local brews.

  • Take a brewery tour.  This is a fantastic way to learn about the brewing process and meet the people that spend their lives making great beer.  Many small brewery tours are actually performed by one of the brewers rather than some marketing intern from the local university.  Most of these tours end with some sort of sampling session, which is often the highlight of the trip.
  • Try samples or flights from local brewpubs.  Take your friends and try a number of the different brews these establishments have to offer.  If you have a beer preference, ask your server or waiter to make a suggestion.
  • Grab a growler on the way out.  These 64oz jugs are a great addition to any party and are a great way to enjoy the freshest beer possible.  An empty growler is a sad growler, so go back and fill it with something new to share.
  • Attend local beer fests.  These events have become commonplace throughout the year so check them out.  These fests usually have a higher percentage of local brews so try something new.

Everyone has their favorite brews, but if you are feeling adventurous, try one of the local brews and we imagine you might be pleasantly surprised.

Your Choice. Your Beer. Drink Up.
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1 Comment · Why You Should Drink More Local Brews

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