Coaster—Bringing Bars into the 21st Century

By Adam Mysorewala | June 12, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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Tired of spending your night out waiting to order a beer amongst frantic happy hour crowds? As we were wrestling with this dilemma, we stumbled across and app that is perfect for beer lovers everywhere. Coaster is a new iPhone app that will allow you to order, send, and pay for drinks from your phone, helping you to avoid the time-consuming process of ordering a drink at your favorite bar.  With Coaster, you can spend your night socializing with friends—not waiting at the bar for that Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA you ordered 10 minutes ago.

We all know why we go to bars—to have fun. However, with bars becoming more and more overcrowded, this goal is harder than ever to achieve.  Coaster is trying to overcome this challenge and help consumers everywhere. The application enables bar-goers to experience their night, instead of spending it battling crowds and fighting to get a drink. At Coaster-sponsored bars, users can view a list of beers, wines, and cocktails and order their desired drink directly from their iPhone. The app also gives users the ability to pay through their phones via credit card and even leave tips.  Co-Founder Kevin Callaghan explains that, “There are lot of other features that are in the works too - such as sending drinks to your friends, and suggesting drinks based on taste preferences, to name a few.”

Coaster is also great for making sure you get what you want, as the app allows you to casually peruse the menu and think about what you order, rather than making a hectic decision amidst the congested crowds while awkwardly squinting to see exactly what beers are on tap in the first place.  Ok, so is this for real? Not waiting sounds too good to be true…

Here’s how Coaster works: Upon launching the app, you are given a list of nearby venues to choose from. Once a venue is selected, the bar’s drink menu appears, allowing you to select your drink of choice (you are even able to decide what spirit will be used for cocktails). Once you place your order, Coaster will send the information to an iPad at the bar and automatically print a receipt ticket. This helps the bartender stay organized and speed up the drink-making process. Once the drink is made, the bartender sends a push notification to your iPhone indicating your drinks are ready for pick up.  Hang out until you get the notification, show the bartender your order ID and voila, you have your drink without having to wait awkwardly at the busy bar counter.

And the best part? Coaster is free and available for download on the iTunes AppStore.  Coaster is currently available at only five venues, all in San Francisco.  The app is currently limited to the iOS platform, so Android users will have to wait. Either way, we’re extremely interested in what the Coaster team is doing and hope to use the app soon.

Your Choice. Your Beer. Drink Up.
- Beer Universe

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