Brewdog Wants a Bigger Bite

By Michael C. Upton | June 20, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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Well known for their high alcohol beers (The End of History brew clocks in at 55 percent ABV), Scottish beer manufacturer Brewdog is aiming to get bigger, not just in alcohol content this time. The company recently announced a 2012 completion date for a new, $12.5 million brewery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In virtually the same breath, Brewdog announced the addition of three new craft beer bars (for a total of 11) cementing its stronghold on British craft brewing.

Started in 2007 by two men with some used brewing equipment, Brewdog currently claims to be Scotland's largest independent brewery. The flagship brew, Punk IPA, is the fastest growing alternative beer brand in the United Kingdom, says Brewdog. The proof is in the company's numbers.

In 2011, Brewdog reported a profit of ₤6 million, doubling their numbers from 2010. And they expect to do it again. Looking at a profit topping₤12 million, 2012 seemed like the perfect time to expand.

“This growth could have been more, had we been able to produce enough beer to meet the insatiable demand of our customers,” said co-founder James Watt in a recent interview. “There will be growth in domestic on- and off-trade markets as well as export sale.”

Brewdog currently sells to 27 countries and offers nine constant varieties, many with high alcohol content. The United States release of Tactical Nuclear Penguin in 2010 (32 percent ABV) caused a stir with beer purists and even made the pages of Time magazine. Since then, Brewdog has released The End of History (currently out of production) and Sink the Bismark! (41 percent ABV).

The big beers have created a cult-like following in the U.K. Fans quickly snatched up the opportunity to own a piece of the company in 2011 when Brewdog funded its capital campaign with public shares. The Equity for Punks campaign raised more than ₤2 million from 6,000 investors in a quick six months.

Clearly, Brewdog knows how to go big.

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