Labatt Green?

By Michael C. Upton | June 21, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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Labatt's most recognizable color may soon switch from blue to green.  Labatt Blue may be the number one selling Canadian beer in the world, but the brewers move to a completely green facility is what is making headlines recently.  Labatt Canada's Edmonton brewery recently celebrated the fact it recycles 97.5 percent of what the brewery uses to make beer. 

“Be it glass, batteries, light tubes, electronics,” said facility engineer Marc Ballantyne in a recent interview with the Edmonton Journal. “Even in the brewing process, the spent grains that are left over, we get that to farmers so that they can use it in their fields.”

The fifty-year old brewery has undergone some serious renovations resulting in less waste.  Over the last three years, the brewery has reduced water usage by 2.6 million gallons and recycled more than 130,000 pounds of aluminum.  While reducing waste, the brewery has grown from a 6.6 million gallons of beer production total in 1963 to a 150-employee facility pumping out 47.5 million gallons of Labatt Blue and other Anheuser-Busch InBev products.  (Stateside, Labatt USA is owned by North American Breweries, importers of the Labatt brands.)

The Edmonton location is an example of Labatt's Better World campaign.  One strategy of the campaign, the Labatt fresh water alliance, cites water quality as a critical factor in making beer and preserving Canada's environmental wealth.  The alliance was formed in 2008 to preserve vital watershed land through a nonprofit trust.  Countrywide, the Labatt company has significantly reduced its own water usage.  Starting conservation efforts in 2002, water usage dropped by 33 percent by 2007.

And it's not just water the breweries are saving.  All of the leftover, unsuitable beer, which used to tax local wastewater treatment facilities, now ends up as windshield washer fluid.  Seriously.  The Better World campaign addresses packaging and recycling as well as energy conservation.

So, next time think green when picking up a Labatt Blue, the Labatt company sure does.

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