Heineken Seeks Larger Share of U.S. Market: Brings Indio Across the Border

By Adam Mysorewala | July 17, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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Last Friday, Heineken USA announced the launch of Indio, a dark Mexican beer, in Chicago and seven California and Texas cities. The beer is brewed by Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma, a subsidiary of Heineken International that also produces Carta Blanca, Sol, Dos Equis and Tecate. Although Indio has been available in Mexico since 1893, the launch marks the beer’s first venture across the border.

Many believe that the move is an attempt by Heineken to maintain it’s strong United States portfolio in light of AB InBev’s recent purchase of Corona producer, Grupo Modelo (For more on the Grupo Modelo acquisition check out The Largest Brewery Gets Bigger – Anheuser Busch InBev Acquires Grupo Modelo for $20.1 Billion). Felix Palau, VP of marketing at Indio, said, “Not only does the launch of Indio in the U.S. strengthen Heineken USA’s portfolio and strategic innovation platform, but it supports our ambition of becoming the leading beer company in the U.S.”

While becoming the leading brewer in America may be too lofty of a goal, the launch of Indio definitely expands Heineken’s portfolio and will allow them to better reach niches within the market. Palau continues, “Market segmentation continues to have a major impact on the industry and Indio will use this trend to create a very specific campaign that speaks directly to the niche audiences’ interests and passions in life.” Indio will use this campaign to target Hispanic men from ages 21-26, known in the marketing world as Millennial Hispanic consumers.

Heineken’s interest in targeting this market comes from a recent study by NBC Universal, Telemundo and Starcom MediaVest Group, which described Millennial Hispanic consumers as independent, confident, and receptive to new things. Millennials are also often important figures within Latino communities. Palau explains, “The Millennials are basically acculturated Hispanics that are very influential to the rest of the Hispanic community because they are fusing their Latino background with their everyday urban lifestyle.”

Indio plans to reach the over five million Millennial Hispanic consumers with a non-traditional campaign consisting of murals and stencils in urban areas, online blog-blog and social media communication, and digital advertising. The campaign will use “Spanglish” terminology in much of the its content, which Palau believes will, “bring the Indio spirit closer to them”.

Regardless of how the campaign turns out, it is clear that Heineken wants to increase its presence in the American beer market. Let us know what you think- would you try this beer?

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