Top 6 Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

By Beer Universe | March 13, 2014 | 0 Comments |
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Do you know that just like wine, beer provides a lot of health benefits to the body? A cold beer acts as one of the greatest ways for you to relax after a long day. It has a great taste and when taken in the right amount, it can be good for your health. Here are some health benefits of beer.

#1 Prevention of heart disease 

Beer has a potential to reduce the risk of suffering from heart problems. Health experts hold that beer improves the condition of the heart by making the blood less sticky. This means that it reduces the risks of blood clotting by increasing the levels of required HDL cholesterol, while at the same time reducing the level of unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

#2 Reduce risk of kidney problems

Another major health benefit of beer is that it helps minimize the vulnerability of developing kidney stones. According to studies, beer lowers the risk of the stones in men compared to other alcoholic drinks. It has this potential because of its high level content of water and its diuretic effect. It also has compounds that slow down the rate in which calcium that is associated with kidney stones is released from the bones. 

#3 Contains high amount of fiber

Not many people know that beer has packs of fiber. However, the fact that the beer is made from barley, makes it have beta-glucans that is a kind of a soluble fiber that helps in improving the health of the heart by reducing the level of cholesterol. This reduces risks of heart problems such as heart failure or heart attack that are associated with high levels of cholesterol in the heart and blood stream. 

#4 Provide vitamin B

Beer is a good source of vitamin B such as niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, B12, folate and pantothenic acid. The vitamin helps in lowering the amount of homocysteine a type of amino acid that makes the blood to clot and cause damage to the arteries. 

#5 Leads to development of strong bones 

Despite that taking high amount of beer leads to weakened bones, taking moderate amount can help make your bones stronger. It has high levels of silicon, an element that is present in few drinks and foods. This element helps in the development of strong bones. 

#6 Enhance mental health

Beer is believed to provide mental health benefits if taken in the right amount. According to studies, beer helps in preservation of mental acuity especially in elderly women. Moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risks of Alzheimer and improves the reasoning ability, memory and concentration. It also helps reduce stress levels by making the mind to relax. However, it is good to note that overconsumption of beer can have detrimental effects to the brain leading to poor memory and concentration. Beer is also known to reduce the risk of strokes when taken in moderate amounts per day. 

In order to gain the above health benefits of beer, it is advisable to take beer in the right amount because overconsumption can lead to a lot of negative health effects. 

Your Choice. Your Beer. Drink Up.
- Beer Universe

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