Bad Bunny Imperial Cream Ale

Type: Cream Ale
  • Brewed by: Alameda Brewhouse
  • Availability: Spring
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  • Region Available: Oregon
  • Aroma: Hoppy
  • Aroma Description: Flowers / Perfume / Herbs / Grass
  • Serve at Temperature: Cold
  • Container: Shaker Pints and Tumblers
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  • 08.20% 
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Commercial Description

This is one naughty rabbit. With most cream ales ranging around 5% ABV, Bad Bunny is 8.2% ABV due to large quantities of Pilsner malt and candy sugar. Flaked maize and Czech Saaz hops also lend this beer a characteristic cream ale flavor and aroma while complimenting with a subtle spiciness.

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