Gale's Festival Mild

Type: English Brown Ale
  • Brewed by: Fuller Smith & Turner - Purchased in 2005
  • Availability: Year Round
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  • Region Available: Denmark, England, CA, FL, IN, IA, KY, MA, MN, NV, NY
  • Aroma: Malty
  • Aroma Description: Dark Chocolate
  • Serve at Temperature: Cool
  • Container: Shaker Pints and Tumblers
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  • 4.80% 
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Commercial Description

Full-bodied premium mild ale brewed to 4.8% ABV with a careful blend of malt and hops for a complex, moreish character that has won this famous ale many awards. The palate is rich with blackcurrant, raisins and raspberry, with citrus notes in the finish.

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