Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor

Type: Belgian IPA
  • Brewed by: Gouden Carolus
  • Availability: Year Round
  • Additional beer information
  • Region Available: Belgium
  • Aroma: Hoppy
  • Aroma Description: Bread - Dark
  • Serve at Temperature: Tepid
  • Container: Snifter and Tulips
  • Website: http://www.hetanker.be/
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  • N/A 
  • 8.00% 
  • 1349/3686 
Commercial Description

Origin: Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor completes the taste pallet of the gamma Carolus-beers. Name: "Hopsinjoor" is a wordplay to for one thing the several hops which were used, and on the other hand the typical character of Mechelen of Gouden Carolus: the figure "opsinjoor" is intertwined with the history of Mechelen (see: www.opsinjoorke.be/Opsinjoorke/opsinjoor.htm). Kind of hops: 4 types of hops are used: Golding, Spalt, Hallertau and Saaz. These hops were fractioned at several times in the cooking process in order to keep a maximum of aroma. Regarding to taste we can say that the beer has a gentle, but nevertheless bitter aftertaste. Gold-yellow colour. Hoppy aroma.

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  • Jun 22, 2014
    JimBeam1983 (152)Rank: Beer ExplorerGroup: Microbrewery explorer
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    This was one of the brews for Het Anker we tried at the last BBQ I organized at my place. One of my friends is now very fond of quality craft beer and he is always ready to bring some to our gatherings.

    330ml bottle served chilled at 6 degrees in a snifter.

    The pour gives a pale stray with timid carbonation. The head is huge, going around three fingers high, and shows a bright off-white and a frothy structure.

    The nose is very delicate as you don't get a hoppy punch you would expect. Instead, your nose gets subtle hints of grains of fresh hops beautifully balanced to give a grassy and floral aroma.

    On the tongue, the brew breaks down quite nicely with the hops once again giving a subtle burst of grassy flavours. The belgian yeasts deliver a fruity sweetness I found very enjoyable, The mouthfeel is quite dense and liquorish, paving the way to a slow and moderately bitter finish.

    Overall this brew is all about finesse. The hops are not overwhelming but very present and, as with every product from Het Anker, you have a balanced set of flavours and bitterness with incredible density. Very refreshing summer beer. Cheers!