Nimbus Red Ale

Type: American Amber/Red Ale
  • Brewed by: Nimbus Brewing Co.
  • Availability: Year-round
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  • Aroma: Malty
  • Aroma Description: Molasses / Carmel
  • Serve at Temperature: Cold
  • Container: Snifter and Tulips
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  • 05.00% 
  • 2231/3686 
Commercial Description

Nimbus Red is a rich, medium-bodied American-style amber ale. Known for its sophisticated mouth feel and exceptional drinkability, our Red is a true classic. Copper-hued and well-balanced, Nimbus Red has a lightly sweet taste enhanced with the flavor of four different malt varieties and flaked barley. We brew this beer with handpicked Chinook and Cascade hops. This combination gives our Red a mild malt sweetness and a relatively dry, aromatic finish.

Never bitter, Nimbus Red is sure to please the beer lover who enjoys lighter flavors and a lower alcohol content. Its crisp, refreshing taste has made our Red a fixture at major sporting events throughout Southern Arizona.

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  • Nov 1, 2010
    lucklys (49)Rank: Beer DrinkerGroup: IPA Lovers
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    Being titled a red ale, I expected nothing short of a red coloration and this Nimbus brew did not disappoint. Freshly poured into my snifter glass, it glowed a wondrous copper red/brown and looked thicker than it was. The head was definitely lacking, barely building before breaking up, and there was no lacing to speak of. My first shock was the amalgamation of scents emanating from the beer. It's an oddly pleasant mixture of malt, sour cherry, yeasty dough, and maybe something citrus...grapefruit perhaps.

    Where I was completely assuming that this ale would be thick in my mouth, what with all the different smells, my second shock was due in large part to the fact that the liquid was practically water-like in texture. Very thin, very watery, yet it still managed to maintain all of the flavors of the malt, cherry, dough, and grapefruit. The only problem with all of these flavors being thrown together on my tongue, was that each one wanted to overpower the others, rather than compliment it, and I ended up with a horrible sour-fruit aftertaste that lingered for a long while after each sip. I found that the dryness of the beer helped keep the aftertaste from dissipating. Also, with very low carbonation, it was just like drinking really strong fermented fruit flavored water.

    Now, despite the first half of the bottle being somewhat of a mess, the second half somehow managed to taste a little better. I'm hoping this is because I was learning to enjoy the multitude of flavors rather than just making myself believe the little bit of alcohol was helping me tolerate it. Either way, I can't honestly say that I didn't enjoy the rest of the drink once I became accustomed to the strong flavors and watery texture.

    This ale best represents late fall here in Arizona, when the temperature starts to dip below 80ยบ and the air isn't quite so dry. A good cookout with lots of brats and sauerkraut, maybe a little mustard, would be the perfect accompaniment to the overwhelming sour sweetness present in the drink.