Phoenix Golden Ale

Type: Altbier
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Commercial Description

Phoenix Golden Ale is an authentic German alt beer, so only imported German malted barleys, hops and yeast are employed in the production of this beer. Four different malted barleys are used in conjunction with a complex multi-step, infusion mash profile. The composition of the grain bill results in a dark gold color to Phoenix Golden Ale. The base malt is German 2-row Pils malt obtained exclusively from the summer growing season. Summer 2-row Pils malt from Germany is regarded by many as the highest quality malted barley available. This malt is known to provide higher amounts of body and mouth-feel to beer and accounts for a creamier, longer lasting head. Phoenix has a lager-like smoothness with an ale-like taste that is richly malty and long on the finish.

4.8% abv.

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