Samuel Adams Triple Bock

Type: American Strong Ale
  • Brewed by: The Boston Beer Company
  • Availability: Year-Round
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  • Region Available: Denmark , Finland , Germany , Netherlands , Sweden , USA
  • Aroma: Hoppy
  • Aroma Description: Bread - Dark
  • Serve at Temperature: Cold
  • Container: Boots
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  • Alcohol %
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  • 10 
  • 3.8/5 
  • 18.00% 
  • 2057/3686 
Commercial Description

Samuel Adams® Triple Bock® is the beer that truly started our odyssey into extreme brewing. Its deep, full flavor explodes with notes of maple, vanilla, oak and toffee. This flavor, along with its heavy, still mouthfeel has drawn comparisons to a vintage port, sherry and cognac.

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Reviews: 2

  • Apr 30, 2010
    generallee (311)Rank: Beer ExplorerGroup: Fall beer lovers
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    Presentation: It was poured from a slender 8.45oz corked cobalt blue bottle into a small snifter glass. This bottle is a 1997 vintage and so it's about 12 years old. Lucky for me the bottle was well keep and the cork was in good condition.

    Appearance: When it comes to looks this beer will probably not be wining any beauty pageants. It poured a very dark and murky brown almost black color with only a thin quickly fading head on top. When swirled in the snifter it appears to be quite thick and viscose as a thin brown film coats the glass.

    Smell: The aroma greets you right away as the bottle is opened. It is full of all kinds of sweet, roasted and smoky/woody notes with some fruity esters and hints of rum.

    Flavor/Palate: There is an extremely rich and powerful complexity that hangs on the tongue and palate with its full body and its slick heavy texture. Flavor notes of dark maple syrup, black liquorish, roasted grain, molasses, raisins (when baked in pastry), herbal hops, wood and smoke mingle and hang out on the tongue. The presence of alcohol is also very apparent. It adds firm warmth and throughout. Most of the sweeter flavors are more up front with herbal and woody notes coming in more towards the finish. These woody and smoky notes really hang on as there is very little carbonation to refresh the palate.

    Notes: Let me first say, thanks to "Spike" and "Sweet Dee" for finding and sharing this wonderful beer. This is one very big, extreme beer at 17.5v. To date this is the strongest percentage of alcohol I have had in a beer and it is also the oldest at about 12 years. This is very interesting and enjoyable in small amounts and when sipped slowly with friends.
  • Jul 1, 2009
    curtisjd (5)Rank: Beer Novice
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    • 3/5
    • 3/5
    • 3/5
    • 3/5
    This is an after dinner beer. Very sweet and rich. I can not drink more than one of these due to it's sweetness and alcohol content. Pairs well with a good cigar.