Terre Ferme

Type: American Amber/Red Ale
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  • 06.20% 
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Commercial Description

**website in french only**

La TerreFerme est une bière ambrée bien charpentée qui vous conduit sur des sentiers houblonnés parsemés de riches arômes floraux et d’une amertume à la fois vive et délicate. Une bière reflétant le territoire rustique et bucolique que sont les Îles de la Madeleine.

Une attitude franche et végétale!

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  • May 3, 2014
    JimBeam1983 (152)Rank: Beer ExplorerGroup: Microbrewery explorer
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    This here is a beer from a brewery at Iles de la Madeleine, a set of islands on the St-Lawrence River. The brewery was unknown to me before spotting this bottle so I don't know much their products or reputation. Here goes fellas.

    341ml bottle served chilled around 8 degrees in a snifter:

    Pour a dark orange color with a certain haze. I got three finger of an off-white frothy head which showed outstanding retention and lacing properties. Towards appearance, this brew scores many points.

    The nose is sweet, yeasty ans sweaty. There should be some hops but I didn't really get them. I did, however, get a strong buckwheat aroma perhaps resulting from the blending of all the aromas or the presence of buckwheat in the beer itself. Since the list of ingredients does not appear on the bottle, I can't confirm that information.

    On the tongue this brew is quite aggressive with a hoppy/yeasty (even soapy) punch and once again that buckwheat element previously mentionned. The brew is dense and heavy with an oily feel and finishes ultra bitter. I can't say I got any breadiness or caramel from the malts so there is a slight miss there for the balance.

    Overall I enjoyed this brew even if I thought the soapy attack pushed the malts out of the picture. Bitter fans out there would certainly like it. Cheers!