Three Floyds Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale

Type: Scottish Ale
  • Brewed by: Three Floyds Brewing Co.
  • Availability: Year-Round
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  • Region Available: USA - IL, MD, OH, NY, PA, WI, VA
  • Aroma: Hoppy
  • Aroma Description: Bread - Dark
  • Serve at Temperature: Cool
  • Container: Snifter and Tulips
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  • 16 
  • 4/5 
  • 7.20% 
  • 1529/3686 
Commercial Description

A full bodied Scottish-style ale with a well rounded malty profile of roasted and caramel notes

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Reviews: 2

  • Apr 24, 2012
    kaj-ii (778)Rank: Beer ConnoisseurGroup: Brown Ale Lovers
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    • 3.5/5
    • 3/5
    • 4/5
    • 4/5
    [Best served in a Thistle]

    The pour was a deep mahogany brown with an average sized (1-2 finger) light tan creamy head that reduced in the first few minutes down to a thin cap and medium collar, which in turn created some excellent sheets of sticky spotty lace.

    The aroma was nice and robust with a roasted biscuit malt and a sweet yeast with notes of caramel, a mild coffee, light chocolate, dried fruit (figs and dates) and a mild alcohol tinge.

    The taste was a very smooth malty sweet with a hint of caramel and a mild coffee presence at first, with the finish being sweetly acidic and having a good dose of dried fruit and a decent alcohol ending. The flavor lasted a good long time after the swallow, leaving behind a mild alcohol fruity taste.

    Mouthfeel was medium in body and had a creamy dry texture with a moderate carbonation.

    Overall a nice bold fruity sweet Scottish Ale with more of an alcohol presence than the ABV suggests...

    Serving type: 12oz Bottle
  • Nov 23, 2009
    beerwolff77 (85)Rank: Beer AmateurGroup: Wisconsin
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    • 3.5/5
    • 3/5
    • 4/5
    • 3.5/5
    I've managed to pass this beer up on several occasions at the bars around town. They usually this beer and another FFF beer that I want to drink more so I'm glad I sit down with a bottle of this stuff.

    It pours a dark brown copper color with about a half inch of tan head. A small amount of lace makes an apperance then quickly slips back into the glass.

    The aroma is caramel malt right up front. Hints of fruit and spice. Maybe a bit of chocolate.

    The flavor is right in line with the nose. A bit more fruit and scotch then the aroma. Actually very marzen like.

    Medium to light body. A decent amount of carbonation. Rather dry.

    Overall not the usual toe curler from three floyds. A rather drinkable session beer nonetheless.