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    The laws protecting the brewing of kolsch are as strict as the German Purity Law of 1516. Kolsch beer can only be brewed within the city of Cologne. As the best-known kolsch brewery, Gaffel's flavor is derived from an ale yeast that is "lagered" (or aged) in cold cellars. Gaffel is pale, faintly fruity with a crisp, hop finish. Enjoy as a...

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    Palate : Gales is a bright golden coloured bitter with a clean palate and satisfying hoppiness that has a long, moreish linger. Aroma : It has a fresh hop aroma with a hint of lemon that complements the balanced malt and hop flavours.

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    English Pale AleN/A

    Gale's Butser

    Named after Butser Hill, the dominant hill on the South Downs, Butser is a medium strength bitter with a pleasant lightness of touch and good balance. Previously known as BBB, Buster was given its current identity in 1991. Butser is a wonderfully light, thirst-quenching bitter. Brewed to 3.4% ABV, the flavour is well-balanced, with a deli...

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    English Brown AleN/A

    Gale's Festival Mild

    Full-bodied premium mild ale brewed to 4.8% ABV with a careful blend of malt and hops for a complex, moreish character that has won this famous ale many awards. The palate is rich with blackcurrant, raisins and raspberry, with citrus notes in the finish.

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    English Pale AleN/A

    Gale's Hordean Special Bitter...

    History : Horndean Special Bitter (HSB) was first brewed in 1959 to meet a growing demand for a higher strength bitter. Sales growth was slow throughout the sixties when BBB and the cask milds were the predominant Gales beers. However, following the creation of CAMRA and the greater public interest in cask conditioned beer, HSB sales grew...

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    English Pale Ale4.1

    Gale's Prize Old Ale

    It is reddish in color with hops and apple fruit on the nose, spicy and malty in the mouth, and a dry, even tart fruity finish with hints of raisins and apple. The slow work of the yeast in the bottle may increase the alcohol content to 12% or even more. After several years of aging Prize Old Ale gains a more complex palate with Calvados ...

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    English Pale AleN/A

    Gale's Winter Brew

    A rich, warm and satisfying winter ale which owes much of its delicious taste to the Prize Old Ale which is carefully added to create a subtle blend of fruity and hoppy flavours. Produced only between October and March, this ale is created to cheer and warm against the long , dark winter nights

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    Galena Summit Kölsch Ale

    IBU 23, 8° Lovibond, 84% AA, 13° Plato This German style ale is brewed using only Noble German hops. It has a faint acidity and a restrained but definite hoppy dryness. It has been filtered to make it soft and palatable.

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    Gambrinus Pilsner

    Its unique taste has meant Pilsner Urquell has, both now and in the past, scooped a plethora of top international awards, and is consistently rated by critics as one of the world’s very finest brews. Compare your experience of the taste of Pilsner Urquell with these professional tasting notes: Up-front Sparkling hit on tip of tong...

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    Garde Dog

    “Garde Dog” Biere de Garde is unfiltered with a hazy, deep golden to light copper appearance. Brewed with domestically grown French Hops and German Pilsner Malts, it gives craft beer drinkers a very enjoyable, light-bodied, subtlety sweet beer with toasty malt undertones. Garde Dog is the perfect compleiment to lighter fare su...