• K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale Thumb
    Winter WarmerN/A

    K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale

    English Strong Ale with a malty taste, unique and different, a true Flying Dog original.

  • Kaffir Lime Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Kaffir Lime Wheat

    A brilliant straw pour with mild lacing, this wheat has a nose of fresh lime citrus, lemon grass, and banana. A boldly refreshing porch pounder with bright tones of Kaffir Lime, clementine, mild spices and a crisp, clean finish.

  • Kaiserdom Rauchbier Thumb

    Kaiserdom Rauchbier

    Hops bitterness with a fine creamy head; a tingly, smooth taste.

  • Kalik Export Thumb
    American Light LagerN/A

    Kalik Export

    Since 1998, beer drinkers have savored the unique balance of the official beer of the Bahamas.

  • kalik extra strength Thumb

    kalik extra strength

    brewed from the finest selection of malt and hops.

  • Kalik Gold Thumb
    Malt LiquorN/A

    Kalik Gold

    To celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ voyage of discovery, Kalik created this limited edition, extra-strength brew in 1992. While only a limited number of commemorative bottles were initially envisioned, Chalk Gold became so popular that it has been enjoyed year-round in the Bahamas ever since.

  • Kaputt Mauer Thumb

    Kaputt Mauer

    Created in : October 2009 Beer type : Dunkel Weizen Colour : copper Alcohol : 6% alc./vol. This dark wheat beer was kegged on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Slightly cloudy, it’s a close relative of our Bouillon de la Chaudière. Aromas of almonds and banana bread, and a fruity mouthfeel redolent of peac...

  • Kapuziner Crystal Wheat Beer Thumb

    Kapuziner Crystal Wheat Beer

    The very tangy, champagne-like wheat beer. Typical top fermented, fruity, with a light yeast bouquet.

  • Kapuziner Wheat Beer Thumb

    Kapuziner Wheat Beer

    Kapuziner Weisse is made in the traditional fashion, using roughly equal portions of wheat and barley malt, a small dose of of fresh hops and a special yeast that produces wonderful fruity flavors. It matches a yeasty, citrus tang with a spicy complexity and a surprising light, almost tropical fruitiness. Malted wheat guarantees a big hea...

  • Karl Strauss Big Barrel Doubl... Thumb
    American Double/Imperial IPAN/A

    Karl Strauss Big Barrel Doubl...

    When we kicked-off this series of intense hoppy beers, we wanted to go big. Imported New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops provide a vibrant tropical aroma that raises eyebrows and expectations. Aggressive amounts of Warrior and Ahtanum hops produce an assertive bitterness that stands out against a firm malt backbone. Balanced even at 90 IBUs, B...