• Lucky Hand Cali Common Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Lucky Hand Cali Common

    Cali Common. The very first historically recognized beer style ofour Golden State; born not only of geography, but of necessity. In the late 19th century, prospectors and immigrants flocked to California for a taste of the Gold Rush, and with it, dreams of wealth and of staking their claim in the wilderness. With no refrigeration to fer...

  • Lucky Labrador Crazy Foyston ... Thumb

    Lucky Labrador Crazy Foyston ...

    If you're a fan of Portland beer writers, you'll know where this one got its name. Two-row pale, Munich 35, three grades of Crystal and some chocolate malt face off against 65 IBUs worth of Centennial and Cascade hops in both the boil and fermenter. You might get the impression that ol' Ludwig - er, John - likes 'em sweet.. ..and more tha...

  • Lumberjack Pale Ale Thumb
    American Pale AleN/A

    Lumberjack Pale Ale

    Lumberjack is a traditional style American Pale Ale brewed with 100% malted barley. Lumberjack is full bodied with a perfect citrus hop aroma and smooth hop flavor. Although brewed with plenty of hops, Lumberjack also has plenty of malt character. This traditional style ale is crisp and refreshing presenting a smooth and enjoyable drinkin...

  • Luponic Distortion Thumb
    American IPAN/A

    Luponic Distortion

    An ever-evolving mix of experimental hops, designed to deliver mind-blowing flavors that break the rules with each new release. The unique revolution number on the label tells you which release you have in hand. Crack fresh and enjoy the show.