• Mt. Pleasant Hobo
    American Brown AleN/A

    Mt. Pleasant Hobo's Breath Br...

    Welcome to the Dark Side. But, don’t let the name fool you – there’s nothing disgusting about this brew! It has turned many unsuspecting drinkers on to the dark side of beer. Its malty richness stands on its own but also pairs up nicely to your favorite burger, with steak and potatoes…or if you feel daring, try ma...

  • Mt. Pleasant Iron Horse I.P.A... Thumb
    American IPA5

    Mt. Pleasant Iron Horse I.P.A...

    Don’t be shy, try it. Like any good I.P.A. this one has plenty of hop presence but not so much that it is not approachable by our hop-weary friends. Instead of “biggering and biggering” like so many I.P.A.’s these days we are keepin’ it real with a beer that will make you want to drink more than just one. Don...

  • Mt. pleasant Railyard Raspber... Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Mt. pleasant Railyard Raspber...

    Stand back. This is a beer brewed with raspberries, not a raspberry beer. The real raspberry juice we use adds something special to this wheat ale rather than taking something away. It can be, and is, enjoyed by all types of beer drinkers. It especially pairs well with fruit salads or just about any type of dessert. Or, consider it a dess...

  • Mt. Pleasant River Bend Bock Thumb

    Mt. Pleasant River Bend Bock

    One of our finest lagers, this bock is full bodied with a smooth, malty finish.

  • Mt. Pleasant Second Wind Whea... Thumb

    Mt. Pleasant Second Wind Whea...

    Authentic Bavarian Wheat Ale with hints of banana and clove. This wonderfully different ale often takes its drinkers by surprise with its complex flavors created by the one of a kind weizen yeast. It’s smooth, easy to drink and simply delicious. This gorgeous, medium bodied beer starts out with yeasty character and finishes off, ha...

  • Mt. Pleasant Steam Engine Sto... Thumb
    Milk/Sweet Stout5

    Mt. Pleasant Steam Engine Sto...

    A Sweet Stout with a Roasted Character and Rich, Smooth Finish. Devout beer lovers will love this dark, rich, full bodied stout. We like to say that our Steam Engine Stout is a classic, sweet stout – it is, but this brew goes above and beyond your average stout.

  • Mt. Pleasant Trainwreck Ale Thumb
    American Amber/Red Ale5

    Mt. Pleasant Trainwreck Ale

    Approach with caution. This one will sneak up on you! Brewed to keep us warm in the winter months, but easily enjoyable any time of the year. Syrup and honey give this beer an irresistible sweetness that makes it impossible to have just one. No matter what you pair this one with – make sure you get plenty to eat or you might find ou...

  • Mt. Pleasant Winter Warmer Al... Thumb
    Winter Warmer3.5

    Mt. Pleasant Winter Warmer Al...

    Full-bodied beer with a hint of spices.

  • Mud Puppy Porter Thumb
    American Porter3.4

    Mud Puppy Porter

    A robust, yet surprisingly refreshing porter, Mud Puppy is a favorite of dark beer lovers. Characterized by a thick, rocky head and luscious chocolate-like nose, the malty profile is balanced by liberal hopping for its style.

  • Muddy Mo
    American Stout2.5

    Muddy Mo' Stout

    A dry Irish-style stout, Muddy Mo' is full-bodied with a wonderful aroma. The chocolate malt topped with Cluster hops combines remarkable creaminess, smooth drinkability and the hearty, robust flavor of a classic Irish stout. Often called the best stout this side of Dublin, the Muddy Mo' Stout pairs well with our Brownie Sundae.