• Magic Hat Single Chair Ale Thumb
    American Blonde AleN/A

    Magic Hat Single Chair Ale

    Single Chair celebrating the uniqueness of the Mad River Glen Cooperative Ski Area in Vermont. Medium bodied & ideally balanced for all tastes, Single Chair Ale's tempting light golden color, heady aroma & smooth liquid go down effortlessly and often!

  • Magic Hat Vinyl Thumb
    American Amber/Red LagerN/A

    Magic Hat Vinyl

    Vinyl Lager is a beer with deep amber hue, sweet malt taste and a balancing hop touch. This beer is produced using a lager strain of yeast and is fermented at the low end of ale fermentation temperatures, allowing the beer to maintain it's easy-drinking lager-like characteristics.

  • Magic Hat Wacko Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Magic Hat Wacko

    Magic Hat Wacko truly defies style. A portion of the fermentable sugars that make up this beer come from beet sugar. Real beet extract is used which gives the beer a beautiful light red color. It’s body is inviting and the taste is smooth. Hops are barely perceivable and are there to balance out the sweetness from the malt.

  • Magic Hat Wooly Thumb
    Extra Strong/Special Bitter (ESB)N/A

    Magic Hat Wooly

    A Coniferous Concoction Pine for this Extra Special Bitter whose medium body and spicy hoppiness harmonize with flavorful, aromatic spruce tips.

  • Magners Original Cider (Apple... Thumb

    Magners Original Cider (Apple...

    A cider that's enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity during the past year or two, mainly, I think, due to the rise in popularity of ciders generally. It's light to mid-golden in colour, with a decent enough sweet taste with some freshness and delicate sweetness in the aftertaste. There is some candiness on the tongue with a floral aroma. ...

  • Magners Original Irish Cider Thumb

    Magners Original Irish Cider

    The nose is filled with the scents of fresh mashed apples. The palate is generous and flavorful without ever being heavy. There is a ripe core of semi-sweet fruit flavors that are ideally managed by a tart, crisp edge. Very refreshing.

  • Magners Pear Cider Thumb

    Magners Pear Cider

    We all need a bit of variety and that's why we came up with the idea for Magners Pear. Of course, we like to do things properly and don't mind taking our time about it, so unlike some Pear ciders, the only fruit that goes into ours is pears. And of course, you'll only find 100% premium quality pears in Magners Pear, which we filter to ge...

  • Magnus Thumb


    A burly Scwartz with a vary balanced profile. Deep Chocolate and a bit of bitter coffee make this a very interesting beer.

  • Mahou Cinco Estrellas Thumb
    Euro Pale LagerN/A

    Mahou Cinco Estrellas

    Spain's leading beer. The classic beer-lover's beer.

  • Mahou Premium Light Thumb
    American Pale LagerN/A

    Mahou Premium Light

    Not just any other light beer. Lighter in body than would be expected, aroma and flavour is of malt and hops with a slight bitter finish