• Noche Buena Thumb
    Vienna LagerN/A

    Noche Buena

    A lager type beer with a full body and a rich dark hue.

  • Nodding Head Berliner Weisse Thumb
    Berliner WeissbierN/A

    Nodding Head Berliner Weisse

    Curse the heat of summer with this tart and refreshing Berlin-style wheat beer. Served with just a touch of woodruff syrup to cut the acidity. Enjoy!

  • Nodding Head Rufus Thumb
    Belgian Blonde AleN/A

    Nodding Head Rufus

    Hoppy golden ale brewed with Belgian yeast(6% ABV)... fairly light body with a dry finish... notes of pine, citrus and herbs...served unfiltered

  • Noel de Silenrieux Thumb
    Belgian Strong Dark AleN/A

    Noel de Silenrieux

      The use of buckwheat flour as its manufacturing base of this beer makes exclusive. On a warm brown dress, Sara, lager fermentation, fermented on the lees in the bottle, will satisfy the most seasoned connoisseurs. A unique beer and prestige to be discovered. This beer ABV erratically Has Changed During The Years of production. St...

  • nogne o imperial dunkel wit  Thumb

    nogne o imperial dunkel wit

    Imperial DunkelWit from Nøgne Ø is an attempt to combine the best of many brewing cultures. Indeed we hope to please the Belgian ale partisan, the dark ale enthusiast, as well as those who love big ales with this one product. That is a tough ambition. At least we had fun brewing it...... Ingredients: Grimstad water, wheat, m...

  • Noire de Chambly Thumb
    Belgian Strong Dark AleN/A

    Noire de Chambly

    Cette bière noire rappelle les courageux soldats du régiment de Carignan-Sallières et leurs fameux chapeaux noirs. En 1665, le roi Louis XIV envoie le régiment en Nouvelle-France pour contrer la menace iroquoise. Il construit plusieurs forts stratégiques le long de la rivière Richelieu, dont le fo...

  • NOLA Brown Ale Thumb
    English Dark Mild AleN/A

    NOLA Brown Ale

    NOLA Brown Ale was one of our first two flagship ales. This brewery favorite is a light-bodied, full flavored English dark mild ale with notes of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and nuts. High malt flavor and low hops, this is a great session beer with a 4.0%ABV and smooth finish.

  • Nomad Stout Thumb
    Irish Dry Stout N/A

    Nomad Stout

    This dry Irish stout is smooth and flavorful with excellent malt and chocolate undertones. 4.5% Alc. By Vol. 50 IBU’s

  • Nomma Dubbel Smokestack Serie... Thumb
    Belgian Dark AleN/A

    Nomma Dubbel Smokestack Serie...

    Our Nommo has a brilliant deep amber color and a sweet caramel malt profile. This beer showcases the coriander, cinnamon, and star anise used in the kettle, complementing them with clove and banana notes contributed by the Belgian yeast.

  • Nonotuck IPA Thumb
    American IPAN/A

    Nonotuck IPA

    Our version of an India Pale Ale. This straw colored beer is hoppy, hoppy, hoppy.