• 405 Oklahoma Lager Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    405 Oklahoma Lager

    This beer is made in the style of a traditional California Common Beer. The idea for 405 was born out of a desire to brew a refreshing lager without compromising flavor. As always, use the best ingredients, put your heart into it and expect great results. Our beer combines select grains, Northern Brewer hops and our special lager yeast bl...

  • 5 C’s IPA Thumb
    American IPA2.5

    5 C’s IPA

    Our interpretation of a West Coast IPA is golden, medium-bodied ale that is very hop forward. The use of Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Centennial and Crystal hops makes this beer a hophead’s dream.

  • 5 Grass Thumb
    American Pale Ale3.2

    5 Grass

    5 Grass is a refreshing yet substantial beer that is pale in color and nicely hoppy. With this beer, we wanted to invoke the brisk, clean aroma of the desert. The recipe makes use of three unique hop varieties as well as some carefully chosen herbs and spices - juniper, sage, and Tasmanian pepperberry, among others - to give a beautiful o...

  • 5 Rabbit 5 Lizard Thumb

    5 Rabbit 5 Lizard

    5 Lizard is a creamy and refreshing wheat beer, lightly spicy, with the tangy fruitiness of passionfruit for a fun and lively personality. We start with a classic Belgian witbier brewed with malt, wheat and oats, changing it up with carefully chosen coriander and fresh lime peel instead of the traditional bitter orange. Passionfruit pur&e...

  • 5-00 Afternoon Ale Thumb
    American Blonde Ale2.8

    5-00 Afternoon Ale

    That whistle’s blowin’ and you’ve been bustin’ your hump all day for the man. This clean crisp blonde ale has just enough hop character to make it interesting, but remains a nice easy drinking session beer.

  • 50 Back American Lager Thumb
    American Macro Lager2

    50 Back American Lager

    The brew of the Brave. By choosing 50 BACK you have allowed us to donate 50% of our proceeds to charities committed to directly supporting & enriching the lives of our nations veterans & their families.

  • 541 Lager Thumb
    American Light LagerN/A

    541 Lager

    Deep golden color. Tilled earth aromas have hints of peach marmalade, banana bread, and buttered nuts. Frothy and medium bodied with chewy pastry dough-like malt. Finishes with a zippy citrus and grassy hop finish.

  • 8-4-1 Expedition Thumb
    American Strong Ale3.9

    8-4-1 Expedition

    An American-Style Strong Brown Ale developed by eight Redhook brewers working in four teams of two to create one beer. The ale reflects a compilation of each team's individual recipes that were then carefully blended into one distinct beer. 8-4-1 Expedition Ale offers complex flavor notes, delivering malty sweetness, medium bitterness wi...

  • 834 Happy As Ale Thumb
    American Pale AleN/A

    834 Happy As Ale

    A refreshing American Pale Ale with 4.6% Alcohol by Volume and 35 IBUs which has a great citrus flavored finish from the late hop additions. This beer is brewed using hops grown in the United States and right here in Nebraska by Rhynalds Hop Growers in Prague. The name for the beer, Happy As Ale, is because we at Blue Blood Brewing feel e...

  • 8TH Street Ale Thumb
    Extra Strong/Special Bitter (ESB)4.6

    8TH Street Ale

    Now In Bottles!! Our award winning 8th Street Ale is based on an English-style "Best Bitter" which is the most common ale served in British pubs. What makes 8th Street Ale uncommon is its mellow bitterness and its slightly sweet malt flavor. It's aroma is derived from rare, imported Kentish hops, and lots of them. Alcohol content approxim...