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    O'Casey's Irish Stout

    Formerly known as O’Bryan’s Irish Stout A Nitro Irish Dry Stout - We are rolling out a much anticipated nitrogenated version of an Irish Dry Stout. This is the Church Brew Works version of the national Irish beverage, the Dry Stout, the benchmark of which is Guinness Stout. We did some experimenting and made a Nitro versi...

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    Irish Red AleN/A

    O'Dempsey's Big Red

    It’s Big! It’s Red! It’s an Irish-Style Red Ale with a North American Attitude! With 30 IBUs and an Original Gravity of 1.058, this 6% ABV Red Ale has all the body you want with just the right amount of hoppy goodness. Available in 6 Packs as shown as well as 5.16 Gallon Kegs and 15.5 Gallon Kegs. Enjoy!

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    India Pale Ale (IPA)N/A

    O'Dempsey's Inukshuk IPA

    Weighing in at 1.067 Original Gravity and 69 IBUs, Inukshuk IPA combines a bitter hop bite and light citrus nose with just enough of a malt backbone to support its 7% ABV all together achieving a balancing act for your senses. Available in 6 Packs as shown as well as 5.16 Gallon Kegs and 15.5 Gallon Kegs. Enjoy!

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    American Double/Imperial StoutN/A

    O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart

    Originally brewed for Russian Royalty in the early 18th century, this style was born of necessity. The porter which was originally ordered spoiled en route. In order for the beer to survive the trip from England to the courts of Russia, the hops and alcohol were dramatically increased. O’Dempsey’s Your Black Heart Russian Impe...

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    A non-alcoholic offering from A-B

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    American IPAN/A

    O'Fallon 5 Day IPA

    We dry-hop this American Style India Pale Ale with seven grains and four domestic hop varieties by adding dry whole hops to the finishing tank so the beer rests "on top" of the hops for five extra days!Malty sweetness up front with big cascade and glacier hops in the finish -- a wonderfully drinkable IPA! Style: American IPA Alcohol...

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    O'Fallon Cherry Chocolate Bee...

    A dark wheat beer that tastes like a chocolate covered cherry…only better! Style: Dark Wheat Alcohol: 5.7% ABV Bitterness: 10 IBUs Color: 13.3 SRM Grain: Pale, White Wheat, Caramel 40L, Chocolate Hops:Cluster

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    Milk/Sweet StoutN/A

    O'Fallon Cocoa Cream Stout

    A traditional sweet (or milk) stout, our Cocoa Cream Stout is black in color with a tan chocolate head. Lactose sugar adds a creamy sweetness to balance the roasted chocolate and coffee notes. Top quality cocoa powder is added directly to the kettle for a smooth chocolate flavor. Available November 1, draft only. Style: Cream Stout Al...

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    O'Fallon Goat's Breath Bock A...

    We brew this smooth, dark and rich tasting beer with our house Kolsch yeast to create a “bock ale.” Conventional German bock beers are brewed with lager yeast, but our passion is great beer... and we love to defy tradition every now and then! - Available January 1. Style: Bock (with ale yeast) Alcohol: 6.2% ABV Bitterness: 25 IBUs...

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    American Pale AleN/A

    O'Fallon Gold

    The original beer from our brewery…a smooth golden ale with three types of barley, two varieties of hops and fresh Kolsch yeast. It’s cold-conditioned and carefully filtered for a clear, beautifully colored, delicious beer. Style: Golden Ale Alcohol: 5.0% ABV Bitterness: 10 IBUs Color: 5.2 SRM Grain: Pilsner, Munich 10L, Carame...