• Quay Street Michigan Cream Al... Thumb
    Cream AleN/A

    Quay Street Michigan Cream Al...

    Our lightest in color and most popular ale. Often suggested to mild, light or domestic beer drinkers.

  • Queen Anne Kolsch Thumb

    Queen Anne Kolsch

    Just in time for Spring, Fordham brings you a delicate and refreshing top-fermenting Kölsch ale that is sure to please the palate. With a straw golden hue, medium hop bitterness and a dry finish, our craft interpretation of this German style ale would have been hailed by Queen Anne herself.

  • Quelque Chose Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Quelque Chose

    50% dark ale/50% brown ale brewed with cherries Juicy sun-drenched cherries are steeped for months in Quelque Chose to give this ale a sensational sweet and sour taste that makes each mouthful a truly delightful experience. Quelque Chose is a deep ruby red ale with very little carbonation. It has intense cherry redolence accented by no...

  • Quick Wit Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Quick Wit

    Zero IBUs? Brewed from mostly organic ingredients, the unique flavor of this spicy wheat beer comes from ground organic coriander, dried organic elderflower and organic lemongrass. Organic 2-Row malted barley and organic malted white wheat form the base of this nearly white beer. A touch of Willamette hops along with some dancing and imbi...

  • Quilters Irish Death Thumb
    English Dark AleN/A

    Quilters Irish Death

    Created by the brewery’s founder, Quilter’s Irish Death is what we call a dark, smooth, ale. Any attempt at classifying it just ends up sending beer geeks into a style guidelines diatribe. So forget style guidelines. Is your pursuit of micro beer about tasting copies of a style that fit guidelines anyways? (Neither is ours) Ir...