• Val-Dieu Blond Thumb
    Belgian Blonde AleN/A

    Val-Dieu Blond

    At first taste sugared, then slightly bitter, being made from two traditional hop varieties. Little after-taste on a very slighly bitter base. Extremely digestible and refreshing.

  • Val-Dieu Brown Thumb

    Val-Dieu Brown

    VAL-DIEU BROWN from Brasserie De L'Abbaye Du Val-Dieu is a brown ale from Cistercian Abbey du Val-Dieu with garnet color, lively aromas and flavors of bitter chocolate, coffee, nougat, passion fruit and raisins. Alcohol by Volume:..... 8% Characteristics:..... Beautiful brown color and an aroma of pure chocolate, nougat and passion fruit ...

  • Val-Dieu Brune Thumb
    Belgian Dark AleN/A

    Val-Dieu Brune

    Highly fermented monastery beer, slightly filtered but undergoing a second fermentation in the bottle.

  • Val-Dieu Triple Thumb

    Val-Dieu Triple

    Its a full bodied taste is progressive but never excessive. A slightly sugared flavour in the middle of the mounth - a perfect combination of alcohol, bitterness and sweetness. Finally accentuates an aromatic and alcohol bitterness. Excellent and highly digestible, particulary when accompagning a good meal.

  • Valley Brew London Tavern Ale... Thumb
    English Dark Mild AleN/A

    Valley Brew London Tavern Ale...

    A very traditional English Mild. Flavors of caramel, toffee, cocoa and dark fruit notes. Mild’s are brewed as a “session” style beer. “Session” beers are lower alcohol beers with lots of flavor, meant to be enjoyed during an extended day of good food and great company. Our version is brewed using 2-Row Barley...

  • Valley Brew Luna Blanca Thumb
    Belgian White (Witbier)N/A

    Valley Brew Luna Blanca

    A beer that is unique to the San Joaquin Valley that it originates from. Brewed in the Old World tradition with a touch of New World pizzazz. Luna Blanca is brewed using 2-Row Barley, Malted White Wheat, Coriander Seed, Bitter and Sweet Orange Peel plus a special local herb for a unique and refreshing flavor. An authentic Belgian Witbier ...

  • Valley Brew Uberhoppy  Thumb
    American Double/Imperial IPAN/A

    Valley Brew Uberhoppy

    Überhoppy Imperial IPA: Hops, hops glorious hops! There is no mistaking what this beer is; soft and delicate it is not. Überhoppy is meant to completely overwhelm you with resinous, floral, citrus and herbal hops barely balanced by a huge amount of malt that keeps the Lupulin onslaught from resulting in complete palate destructi...

  • Valley Girl Blonde Thumb

    Valley Girl Blonde


  • Vampire Slayer Thumb
    American Double/Imperial StoutN/A

    Vampire Slayer

    In a world full of uncertainty, hardship, and people trying to hold us back, do we need Vampires, too? Clown Shoes says "No! Die, monsters, die!" Our second anniversary ale incorporates signature dark malts, holy water, and malt smoked locally with hickory, ash, and vampire killing stakes.

  • Vanilla Bean Aged Dark Lord Thumb
    Russian Imperial StoutN/A

    Vanilla Bean Aged Dark Lord

    A demonic Russian Style Imperial Stout, brewed with Intelligensia coffee Mexican vanilla, and Indian sugar this beer defies description, available one day a year in April at the brewery, Dark Lord Day.