• Davenport

    Davenport's Original

    Based on the original davenports recipe, this classic copper coloured ale is full-bodied, with a palate rich in malt and fruit, balanced by a satisfying bitter finish.

  • Saba Tej Thumb

    Saba Tej

    SABA TEJ is a honey wine or mead that is indigenous to Ethiopia with roots going back to the reign of Queen of Sheba (Saba). Saba Tej is produced from pure wild flower honey and exotic hops imported from the Highlands of Ethiopia. It is produced without any sulfites, preservatives, or artificial coloring. Saba Tej is a semi-sweet wine wit...

  • Heineken Light Thumb
    Low Alcohol BeerN/A

    Heineken Light

      This new beer, Heineken Premium Light Lager, is brewed in the same high quality tradition as the original Heineken, but is lighter in taste and has fewer calories and carbohydrates Also lower abv  

  • Heineken Premium Light Lager Thumb
    Euro Pale LagerN/A

    Heineken Premium Light Lager

    Lighter in taste and with fewer calories and carbohydrates.

  • Heineken Oud Bruin Thumb
    Low Alcohol BeerN/A

    Heineken Oud Bruin

    Oud Bruins, not restricted to, but concentrated in Flanders, are light to medium-bodied, deep copper to brown in colour. They are extremely varied. Dark lager. Toffee and apple aroma; very sweet taste with apple and caramel aromas

  • Heineken Kylian Thumb
    Irish Red AleN/A

    Heineken Kylian

    Translated from Dutch: Kylian is an ale of the Heineken breweries. This beer with his Irish background via the French Heineken Brewery on the Dutch market. It has an amber color due to the use of Vienna-malt. Furthermore, there is used a mixture of malt and sophisticated fine hops. The beer is fermented and has a sweet taste. Kylian was r...

  • Heineken Dark Lager Thumb
    American Dark LagerN/A

    Heineken Dark Lager

    Has a richer head than it's lighter brethren. Has hints of caramel and chocolate (America Style of Dark Lager)

  • Heineken Cold Filtered Thumb
    Euro Pale LagerN/A

    Heineken Cold Filtered

    Cold filtered differs from extra cold which is regular heineken served at 0*c

  • Heineken Buckler Highlands Thumb

    Heineken Buckler Highlands

    Another low alcoholic beer by Heineken

  • Heineken Buckler Thumb

    Heineken Buckler

    The non-alcoholic version of Heineken beer.