• Bubba Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A


    Large but simple, obnoxious but very likable, unfiltered...Bubba. A big American version of the classic Pilsner style. A simple malt bill is complimented by a ridiculous amount (nine additions...nonuple hopped brewed??) of flavorful American hops. A golden straw colored beer encompassing a huge hop aroma and flavor profile. All the qualit...

  • Dogfish Head My Antonia Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Dogfish Head My Antonia

    My Antonia started out as a Collaboration beer when Sam brewed it at Birra del Borgo (hope you can read Italian) outside Rome, Italy with owner/brewer Leonardo DiVencenzo in October of 2008. In 2010, we began brewing My Antonia here at Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware for U.S. distribution. My Antonia (named after the Willa Cather read),...

  • Frankenlager Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A


    Crisp and refined, but certainly not meek or mild. In Mary Shelley’s novel, a modern-day Prometheus combines disparate parts to create something uncontrollable, destructive and misunderstood. Lucky for you (and our team) that brewing is much more predictable and manageable, especially in our new state-of-the-art brewery in Hampton,...

  • Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemia... Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemia...

    This installment of the Harpoon Leviathan Series was brewed in the centuries-old tradition of Czech and Bohemian brewers. Harpoon Big Bohemian is a large lager with a clean maltiness and a huge aromatic hop character. Continental Pilsner, pale two-row, and Carafoam malt was used to brew this big, strong beer, true to the Leviathan ...

  • Odell Brewing Double Pilsner Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Odell Brewing Double Pilsner

    We feel the eyes of tradition upon us whenever we brew our Double Pilsner. But this beer is not just our tribute to the classic Bohemian pilsner – it’s our own craft interpretation of it. Refreshing and delicate yet bold and assertive, its clear golden color leaves nowhere for imperfections to hide but plenty of room for myste...

  • Orange Blossom Squared Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Orange Blossom Squared

    When you make a pot of coffee, but only use half the water, you get some pretty rich coffee. That’s the approach we took with our latest offering. OBP Squared, with half the water, has 11% alcohol by volume - twice that of original OBP. The result is a bold, distinct taste of its own. Made with twice as much real orange blossom ho...

  • Renegade 2 Down Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Renegade 2 Down

    An imperial pils! Get it? 2 down? pils? 8.5% ABV and 41 IBUs!

  • Rogue Morimoto Imperial Pilsn... Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Rogue Morimoto Imperial Pilsn...

    Golden in color with a dry hop floral aroma and intense hop bitterness supported by a big malty backbone which culminates into a hedonistic mouthful.

  • Small Craft Warning Über Pil... Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Small Craft Warning Über Pil...

    Pale in color and rich in malt flavor. With firm structure of noble hops it is both powerful and complex. Pairs well with chicken and fish.

  • Snake Oil Thumb
    American Double/Imperial PilsenerN/A

    Snake Oil

    Just like the miracle cure-alls of old, Professor Wagner’s Imperial Pilsner possesses no verifiable medicinal qualities whatsoever. And yet, taken internally, this golden elixir is guaranteed to cure what ails you. Snake Oil is a crisp, Medium-bodied lager with a complex maltiness and heavy hop presence – well-rounded and refr...