• Sprecher Mbege Ale Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Sprecher Mbege Ale

    Bananas are the main ingredient in mbege style beers popular in Eastern Africa. In keeping with tradition, this is brewed with real bananas and presented unfiltered. Light hints of banana remain present in the aroma and flavor of this unique offering. Originally conceived of in an effort to provide a traditional African style beer for Mil...

  • Springfield Unfiltered Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Springfield Unfiltered Wheat

    Our lightest and most popular beer. Unfiltered Wheat is brewed with a combination of malted barley and wheat and gently hopped in the kettle to give a subtle, spicy bitterness. Light and refreshing, this beer is well paired with chicken, pasta, seafood and salads.

  • Sundancer Summer Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Sundancer Summer Wheat

    Our easy drinking summer seasonal brew is a delicious golden wheat ale infused with sweet & bitter orange peel spiced with fresh coriander seed. Nice with a slice of orange. Put a little sunshine in your glass. ibu: 10 abv: 5%

  • The Grey Lady Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    The Grey Lady

    Named for the often foggy island where it is brewed. This wheat beer is fermented with Belgian yeast and brewed with fresh fruit and spices. A unique ale that emits a complex, earthy nose and a soft, mid-palate maltiness with hints of tropical fruit. Dry and spicy. 4.5% abv (12oz, 22oz bottles and in draught by appointment)

  • Tommyknocker Jack Whacker Whe... Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Tommyknocker Jack Whacker Whe...

    An American-style wheat ale brewed with 30% malted wheat and 2 row barley. Low hopping rates allow the refreshing aroma and citrus flavor of a late addition of lemon grass to dominate. This unfiltered beer retains all of its protein, flavor, and some of its yeast, resulting in a traditionally cloudy appearance. 2000 North American Brewers...

  • Trade Route Mango Weizen Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Trade Route Mango Weizen

    Trade Route Mango Weizen is a refreshing wheat beer with a subtle mango aroma and finish.

  • Troegs Dreamweaver Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Troegs Dreamweaver

    Long toasty days, cool breezy nights and a splash of magic provide the inspiration for the Troegs brothers’ dreamiest Single Batch creation—Dreamweaver Wheat. Combining four wheat types with Munich and Pils malts, noble Saaz hops, and a yeast strain that imparts a spicy, peppery, clove taste with a slight hint of bananas, Drea...

  • Uinta Four + Rype Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Uinta Four + Rype

    Four+ Rype is a filtered wheat beer teased with orange. Brewed with sweet orange peel, the flavor is RYPE on! ABV 4%, SRM 7, IBU 14 Sweet Orange Peel Coriander

  • Ultimo Hombre Wheat Beer Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Ultimo Hombre Wheat Beer

    This unfiltered wheat beer starts with rich white wheat and our special blend of delicious American hops. From the first sip to the last, bright citrus notes and malt sweetness abound. Ultimo Hombre is our unique spin on the traditional American Wheat beer.

  • Upstream American Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Upstream American Wheat

    Our American Wheat has a crisp and refreshing flavor.