• Beatification Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A


    Beatification is a 100% spontaneously fermented beer using the oldest barrels that no longer have any wine flavor or oak flavor left in them. However, a cocktail of "bugs and critters"(Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus & other wild yeast & bacteria.) remains in the barrel. This isn't the only place where the...

  • Captain Lawrence Cuvee De Cas... Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Captain Lawrence Cuvee De Cas...

    This is a beer that will make you rethink your definition of beer. It doesn’t taste like any beer you’ve ever had, yet it doesn’t taste like anything else either. Pushing the limits of brewing is what makes this job so much fun. Malted barley, wild yeast, hand picked Muscat Grapes, and French oak wine barrels are just a ...

  • Captain Lawrence Flaming Fury... Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Captain Lawrence Flaming Fury...

    Sour ale with Peaches added. Aged in oak wine barrels for over a year with NY State peaches added directly to the barrels. Very sour, with hints of peach in the aroma and flavor. This one has a deep acidity, and a mellow oak presence. Very complex and very Sour! Hops: Crystal Malts: Pilsner IBU: 10 ABV: 8 OG: 17

  • Consecration Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A


    Dark Ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from local wineries. It is aged for 4 to 8 months with black currants, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added to each barrel. Rich flavors of chocolate truffle, spice, tobacco, currants, and a bit of Cabernet.

  • Crooked Stave Surrette Reserv... Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Crooked Stave Surrette Reserv...

    Surette Reserva is an exclusive bottling of Surette our rustic farmhouse ale brewed with traditional harvest grains and aged in our large oak foeder. The Reserva is hand picked from unique batches of Surette that occasionally develop with indefinable complexity.

  • Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett... Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett...

    Dark hoppy ale brewed with Colorado blue spruce tips.

  • Ithaca Brute  Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Ithaca Brute

    Brewed with vintage (aged) local hops, barley, wheat, corn, aged in oak with Brett and finished with three types of champagne yeast.

  • New Belgium Lost Abbey Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    New Belgium Lost Abbey

    New Belgium Brewing and The Lost Abbey brewery from San Marcos, California have a shared passion for a variety of things, not the least of which is the wild Belgian yeast brettanomyces. So they decided to join forces and collaborate. Lost Abbey Collaboration is brewed simply with pale malts accompanied by Target, Centennial and Sorachi ho...

  • Odell Shenanigans Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Odell Shenanigans

    A strong crimson ale aged in Woodcut barrels innoculated with a house brettanomyces strain.

  • Ommegang Ommegeddon Thumb
    American Wild AleN/A

    Ommegang Ommegeddon

    Ommegeddon is 8% ABV Belgian-style ale with a wild twist ¯ a dose of Brettanomyces yeast and a blast of dry hopping. It’s a strong blonde ale with a sharp citrus flavor that, like the other Ommegang ales, has a dry finish. Its dryness and funkiness begat the name of Ommegeddon ¯ for the time when the forces of light and da...