• 405 Oklahoma Lager Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    405 Oklahoma Lager

    This beer is made in the style of a traditional California Common Beer. The idea for 405 was born out of a desire to brew a refreshing lager without compromising flavor. As always, use the best ingredients, put your heart into it and expect great results. Our beer combines select grains, Northern Brewer hops and our special lager yeast bl...

  • Anchor Steam Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Anchor Steam

    San Francisco's famous Anchor Steam is virtually handmade, with an exceptional respect for the ancient art of brewing. The deep amber color, thick creamy head, and rich flavor all testify to Anchor Brewing's traditional brewing methods.

  • Argus California Steam Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Argus California Steam

    With its California Common Style Beer, Argus Brewery pays homage to the historic beers produced in California from the mid- 1800's to the mid-1900's. Traditionally known in brewing circles as California Common Style, the key distinguishing feature of this style of beer is that it is fermented with a special lager yeast that is fermented a...

  • Beer Esteem Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Beer Esteem

    "If you can't feel good about your beer... what else is worth feeling good about." We call Beer Esteem a California Common because it is brewed with a lager yeast and it is fermented at warmer ale temperatures. However, Beer Esteem is distinctly different from other California Commons. With a unique hop profile, a lager yeast not typical...

  • Common Sense Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Common Sense

    No commercial description currently available

  • Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber ... Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber ...

    Ideal for the Lager drinker who prefers amber beers, the "Scratch" is a smooth, malt-accentuated lager. Brewed in the "Steam-Style" tradition, scratch is a so-called hybrid beer that is fermented at medium temperatures to develop some ale and lager characteristics.

  • Fort George 1811 Lager Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Fort George 1811 Lager

    A Pre-Prohibition style lager, brewed by Fort George Brewing Co., Astoria, OR. "Many West Coast brewers in the 19th Century had no ice, so they improvised an effervescent beer by brewing lager yeasts at higher than normal temperatures..Described as "refreshing drink much consumed by the laboring classes’,it’s the inspiration ...

  • Lackawanna Steam Lager Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Lackawanna Steam Lager

    This style of beer is classified in the "California Common" category. The focus is on the special lager yeast brewed at a warmer ale temperature, thus creating a medium bodied malty beer with an assertive hop presence. Our version of this beer honors the Lackawanna Railroad which put our Chemung Canal out of business. This beer is also pe...

  • Lucky Hand Cali Common Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Lucky Hand Cali Common

    Cali Common. The very first historically recognized beer style ofour Golden State; born not only of geography, but of necessity. In the late 19th century, prospectors and immigrants flocked to California for a taste of the Gold Rush, and with it, dreams of wealth and of staking their claim in the wilderness. With no refrigeration to fer...

  • McMenamins California Common Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    McMenamins California Common

    Brewers in the early days of settling California had a problem. They found the moderate central coast weather problematic for fermenting, never getting warm enough for an Ale and always a touch to warm to ferment the Lagers. So the California Common was born. A hybrid of the two popular styles, this Californian flaunts its golden, sun...