• Adirondack Abbey Ale Thumb

    Adirondack Abbey Ale

    This Belgian “Dubbel” uses pure Belgian candi sugar, Belgian malts and a rare Belgian strain of brewer’s yeast to produce “esters”—flavors that range from clove to banana.

  • Ale Asylum Diablo Thumb

    Ale Asylum Diablo

    Ale Asylum Dubbel is a belgian dubbel ale has dark caramel aromas with a wicked, warming finish.

  • Allagash Dubbel Thumb

    Allagash Dubbel

    Allagash Dubbel boasts a dark mahogany color with ruby hues and a complex malty taste. The finish is dry with subtle hints of chocolate and nuts. With time, Allagash Dubbel will mature in the bottle and acquire distinctive port and sherry characteristics. Available in: 12 oz and 750 ml bottles, 5.17 gal kegs

  • Angel City Abbey  Thumb

    Angel City Abbey

    A STRONG Belgian ale with a whopping 8% alcohol by volume. Made with Belgian malts and Belgian yeast, Angel City Abbey is also made with brewing sugar, the Belgian technique for making beer.

  • Benediction Thumb


    Abbey Ale, 6.75%ABV

  • Blue Moon Full Moon Thumb

    Blue Moon Full Moon

    Blue Moon Full Moon is a full bodied abbey ale is brewed with roasted malts and a hint of Dark Belgian sugar for a perfectly balanced taste.

  • Boaks Two Blind Monks  Thumb

    Boaks Two Blind Monks

    A Belgian Dubbel, a style that originated in the monasteries in the Middle Ages. This beer is rich, malty and raisiny with a touch of caramel flavor. Being one of our bigger beers this should be enjoyed in moderation.

  • Boals Dubbelop Thumb

    Boals Dubbelop

    Bottle conditioned. Dark brown in color. Thick lasting head. Fruity, sweet with a roasted, malty taste.

  • Bornem Dubbel Thumb

    Bornem Dubbel

    Very dark, coffee color - full rich body - staying head - effervescent nose - soft velvet feeling in the mouth - luscious. Malt character with a hoppy aftertouch. Monks used to fast on this type of beer for 40 days! No food, only beer.

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Abbey Dub... Thumb

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Abbey Dub...

    This is an exceptionally complex beer with many interwoven flavors. This Abbey beer features an immense head with a fruity nose coupled with a hint of oak, vanilla, and bourbon. Malty in the middle, the beer features a clean, oaky dry finish with a slight hint of bourbon 7.2%abv. Silver Medal Winner at 2009 Carolina Championship of Beer&n...