• Ascent 54 Thumb

    Ascent 54

    It isn’t dubbed a Rocky Mountain state for nothing. With 54 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet each, Colorado was made for climbing. In honor of that fact, Anheuser-Busch introduces Ascent 54 -- an authentic German-style dunkel weisse (dark wheat) beer available on draught in select bars and restaurants in Colorado. Developed and ...

  • Ayinger Ur-Weisse Thumb

    Ayinger Ur-Weisse

    Our Ayinger Ur-Weisse is an old-fashioned wheat with some fine roasted malt to give it more color and flavor than golden hefe- weisse. It has an immense crown of lovely foam held proudly above a robe of translucent amber. On the palate, malt and yeast predominate, with a delicious balance of fruit and bread-like yeast. The taste is comple...

  • Blue Hills Dunkelweizen Thumb

    Blue Hills Dunkelweizen

    This is a dark German Heffeweizen, better known as a Dunkelweissen (dunkel means dark in German.) We accomplish this through a generous addition of dark roasted malts which add not only the color but an overlay of chocolately and roasted flavors. A complex beer with a rich flavor matrix stemming from a grain bill that’s more than 60...

  • Brooklyner Dunkel-Weisse Thumb

    Brooklyner Dunkel-Weisse

    "Oats are used in the brewing of Scottish Oatmeal Stout to enhance the flavour of the black malt and roasted barley which give this traditional beer its rich dark colour and strong, complex roasted malt aroma and flavour, reminiscent of coffee and chocolate. These flavours are offset by a good hop bitterness and silky aftertaste."

  • Buckwheat After Dark (BAD) Al... Thumb

    Buckwheat After Dark (BAD) Al...

    This Dunkelweizen is overlaid with chocolaty flavors and fruity aromas, a beer that's so good it redefines the word bad. That's right...BAD is good!

  • C.H. Evans Munich Dark Thumb

    C.H. Evans Munich Dark

    This beer is 5.6% ABV and is a malty, rich lager with a toasty, bread- like flavor and aroma. Hops are only used to balance the malt and finish. We won the silver medal for this European-style dark lager at the 2008 World Beer Cup!

  • Fish Brewing Boulder Bend Dun... Thumb

    Fish Brewing Boulder Bend Dun...

    Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen is an exceptional creation. This is an unfiltered dark Hefeweizen, with a gently sweet character infusing its medium-bodied smoothness. Notes of chocolate and caramel mingle with a cereal malt flavor contributed by additions of malted wheat. Other Northwest examples of this classic German style are rare and few. ...

  • Franziskaner Dunkel Hefe-Weis... Thumb

    Franziskaner Dunkel Hefe-Weis...

    Deep and dark colored, cloudy with yeast. Brewed with a darker roasted malt which adds some maltiness to the refreshing flavour of the Hefe-Weissbier.

  • Hacker-Pschorr Weisse Dark Thumb

    Hacker-Pschorr Weisse Dark

    Medium amber, all natural wheat beer of sweet, clovey malt.

  • Kaputt Mauer Thumb

    Kaputt Mauer

    Created in : October 2009 Beer type : Dunkel Weizen Colour : copper Alcohol : 6% alc./vol. This dark wheat beer was kegged on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Slightly cloudy, it’s a close relative of our Bouillon de la Chaudière. Aromas of almonds and banana bread, and a fruity mouthfeel redolent of peac...