• Bad Elf Winters Ale Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Bad Elf Winters Ale

    Bottle conditioned; Seasonal - Winter. Has also been seen on cask occasionally. Ridgeway produce two versions of Bad Elf "Winter Ale" - one at 4.5%, and the other at 6%. There is a separate listing for the 4.5% version. Olde England meets the New World in this strong, warming golden ale, brewed by Peter Scholey. Master brewer for the late...

  • Bird Of Prey IPA Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Bird Of Prey IPA

    Bird Of Prey IPA - 8.26% ABV - Our true English style IPA. Bready English Malt gives this beer a firm backbone to hang truckloads of East Kent Golding Hops on. Available on draft at the brewery and select “Beer Geek Bars” Feb. March April (if it lasts that long).

  • Brooklyn East India Pale Ale Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

    Brooklyn Pennant Ale is a honey-colored pale ale with a brisk malt palate and finely balanced hop character. Pennant is a traditional English-style pale ale. Brooklyn Pennant Ale is brewed from Scottish Maris Otter malt, which is justly prized for its toasty, biscuity flavor and the round smoothness it imparts to beer.

  • Burton Bridge Empire IPA Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Burton Bridge Empire IPA

    Bottle Conditioned. Has appeared in cask as a special. Light in color, strong and heavily hopped.

  • Carolina Flagship IPA Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Carolina Flagship IPA

    Originally, this intensely hopped ale was brewed in the 18th century to survive the long sea journey from the cooler breweries in England, around the Cape of Africa to India where the temperatures were too warm to brew. This beer has a unique floral aroma from the generous addition of Cascade hops to the fermenter in a procedure known as ...

  • Collaboration Brew: Ninkasi E... Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Collaboration Brew: Ninkasi E...

    Each year, Eugene area brewers work together to create a Collaboration Brew especially for this Festival. This year's Collaboration theme is Tour of the British Isles. Each brewer chose a different sub-style from the British Isles style guidelines, and then created their own recipe. Sample them all and enjoy the Tour!

  • Cooperstown Back Yard IPA Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Cooperstown Back Yard IPA

    Back Yard" is a golden India Pale Ale. Historically, ale shipped to India in the 19th Century was brewed to higher gravities so that it could mature during the long sea voyage. English brewers also hopped these ales heavily to protect them from spoiling. The term "India pale Ale" or "I.P.A." is still used by brewers to denote a super-prem...

  • Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA

    No mere beverage could satisfy the thirst of the courageous and gallant soldiers who stood guard over the colonies of the British Empire. Their thirst could only be quenched by a full-bodied hearty Ale; an Ale balanced with rich flavorful hops. We are proud to offer our interpretation of this English style India Pale Ale for those who loo...

  • Frank Jones Ale Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Frank Jones Ale


  • Freeminer Trafalgar IPA Thumb
    English IPAN/A

    Freeminer Trafalgar IPA

    At 50 EBU this IPA is far more bitter than one would normally expect at 6%, but we believe in serious hopping at Freeminer. Pale in colour, with hints of sunset browns in the colour betraying the splash of crystal malts, the single varietal dosing of premium Goldings cuts into the tour de force of serious Marris Otter malts at play with t...