• Amherst Chocolate Porter Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Amherst Chocolate Porter

    A robust English style porter brewed with 20 lbs. of cocoa powder. Dark and creamy with a deep chocolate flavor. O.G. 14.0 B. T.G. 3.8 B. Alcohol by Volume 5.5%

  • Arcadia London Porter Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Arcadia London Porter

    Our Smoked Porter is a robust London style porter with a deep chocolate/ruby color and the subtle accent of hardwood smoked malt. This distinctive beer is brewed using no less than seven different varieties of premium European malted barley, resulting in a complex and full bodied beer characterized by hints of chocolate, coffee, caramel a...

  • Bateman
    English PorterN/A

    Bateman's Salem Porter

    A porter with a dry roast, nutty palate and rich malty aftertaste.

  • Big Wally Porter Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Big Wally Porter

    An excellent example of an English Porter with subtle coffee and chocolate aromas that come through in the flavor. 4.8 % Alc. By Vol. 40 IBU’s.

  • Brown
    English PorterN/A

    Brown's Porter

    Brown’s Porter is among the finest examples of this English style ale you’ll find anywhere. Robust, smooth, intense and brewery-fresh every time, we build this confident and distinctive Porter with pound upon pound of domestic two-row pale, crystal and chocolate malts. Balanced complement is provided by Willamette bittering hops with ...

  • Burton Bridge Burton Porter Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Burton Bridge Burton Porter

    Cask; Regular. Also available Bottle Conditioned. Originally brewed as 'something different' for a small beer festival, Porter has now become a regular beer of the brewery's portfolio. A dark fruity beer with a distinctive bitter after palate.

  • Cape Cod Porter Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Cape Cod Porter

    Dark and Malty: A surprisingly drinkable dark beer with a chocolatey malt character “Porter, a dark, chocolatey ale once favored as the drink of the common man and physical laborers of East London, and the precursor to common day stouts. ” OG: 15.5 °P (1.060SG) ABV: 6.0% IBUs: 35 Malts: English – ...

  • Chocolate Porter Ale Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Chocolate Porter Ale

    Brewed and Bottled by Bayhawk Ales, Inc., Irvine, CA

  • Collaboration Brew: Oakshire ... Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Collaboration Brew: Oakshire ...

    Each year, Eugene area brewers work together to create a Collaboration Brew especially for this Festival. This year's Collaboration theme is Tour of the British Isles. Each brewer chose a different sub-style from the British Isles style guidelines, and then created their own recipe. Sample them all and enjoy the Tour!

  • Cooperstown Benchwarmer Porte... Thumb
    English PorterN/A

    Cooperstown Benchwarmer Porte...

    Cooperstown Benchwarmer Porter is a very smooth Porter brewed in accordance with the original "high gravity" porters of early London. More than 4% chocolate malt, which is the most similar to the brown malts of the early 1700’s, gives "Benchwarmer" its dry coffee-like finish. It is fermented with the Ringwood yeast which is an excellent...