• Arcadia Cocoa Loco Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Arcadia Cocoa Loco

    A truly one-of-a-kind brew, we like to call this our Triple Chocolate Milk Stout. A combination of three different chocolate malts, coco a nibs and 63% cacao bittersweet chocolate make this a sinfully delicious brew. The addition of lactose lends the beer a creamy quality - not unlike a milkshake - while the Blackstrap Molasses adds rich,...

  • Brasseurs La Stout Ghosttown Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Brasseurs La Stout Ghosttown

    Stout à l'absinthe, brassée avec des racines, des herbes et du malt profondément torréfié. Fruit d’un mélange complexe d’une douzaine d’ingrédients, son évolution en bouche se poursuit sur des saveurs de café et de chocolat. 6,6% alc. vol. Son goût ...

  • Bristol Winter Warlock Oatmea... Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Bristol Winter Warlock Oatmea...

    Chock full of highly roasted barley malt and 100 lbs. of flaked oatmeal, the Warlock is a dark and satisfying winter elixir. Smooth, rich and exceptionally comforting. An annually-awaited winter seasonal, and one of our award winners. Style: Foreign Style Stout Color: Black Body: Full Malts: 2 Row, Chocolate, Roast, Carapils, 120, Muni...

  • Broughton Kinmount Willie Oat... Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Broughton Kinmount Willie Oat...

    "Oats are used in the brewing of Scottish Oatmeal Stout to enhance the flavour of the black malt and roasted barley which give this traditional beer its rich dark colour and strong, complex roasted malt aroma and flavour, reminiscent of coffee and chocolate. These flavours are offset by a good hop bitterness and silky aftertaste."

  • Davidson Brothers Oatmeal Sto... Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Davidson Brothers Oatmeal Sto...

    The stout is traditionally a strong version of the porter, an older style. The stout is pitch black, with dark, roasted flavors with some chocolate thrown in. This is a rich beer which manages to maintain the characteristic oatmeal stout smoothness. The overall profile of this beer is of a rich, smooth stout, full of subtle undertones.

  • Garrison Martello Stout Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Garrison Martello Stout

    Heavily roasted malts characterize this darkest of traditional brews. Martello Stout is uncompromisingly bold like the unique towers which once defended our maritime shores. Available Seasonally. A beautiful pairing with old cheeses, dark European breads, hearty soups, smoked meats, beef or wild game dishes. Fantastic with chocolate dess...

  • Harpoon Island Creek Oyster S... Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Harpoon Island Creek Oyster S...

    Brewed by Harpoon brewer Katie Tame, using Island Creek oyster farmer Skip Bennett’s revered Duxbury Bay oysters, this beer has a rich body and smooth mouthfeel derived in part from a combination of roasted barley and chocolate rye malts. The roasted malt notes blend beautifully with the briny, mineral flavors of the Island Creek oy...

  • Hawkshead Dry Stone Stout Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Hawkshead Dry Stone Stout

    A traditional dry oatmeal stout & as dark as lakeland slate. Named in celebration of one of the defining features of The Lake District landscape - dry stone walls.

  • Hook Norton Double Stout Thumb
    English StoutN/A

    Hook Norton Double Stout

    Hook Norton Double Stout is a blend of malts gives this beer a character all of its own. Black malt enriches the colour and teases the palate with an unmistakable ‘toast’ flavour. Brown malt gives it the dryness.

  • L
    English StoutN/A


    L'Exploité est un stout au moka, robuste et sucré. C'est au XVIIIe siècle que le nom « stout » fait son entrée pour de bon dans l'univers de la bière. Il aurait été utilisé pour identifier les porters plus forts, plus goûteux et souvent plus secs. À cette &ea...