• Blind Bat Vlad the Inhaler Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Blind Bat Vlad the Inhaler

    Vlad the Inhaler is brewed with 100% wheat, no malted barley is used in this beer at all. The wheat is smoked at the brewery over oak for two hours prior to mashing. Grodziskie, a smoked wheat ale, is considered to be the the only beer style native to Poland. Named after the city where it was brewed, it is sometimes known as Gratzer (the...

  • Columbus Smoked Java Porter Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Columbus Smoked Java Porter

    Fresh roasted coffee aromas, rich caramel flavors with a beachwood smoke finish.

  • DeGroen
    Smoked BeerN/A

    DeGroen's Rauchbock


  • Hogwash Hickory-Smoked Porter... Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Hogwash Hickory-Smoked Porter...

    Crafted to pair with North Carolina barbecue. Malted barley is house-smoked over hickory wood, imparting a sweet, subtle smoke. But Hogwash only tastes smoky at first glance. Wait until you have a bite of barbecue and a second sip…the smoky meat and smoky beer meld together in total harmony. While iced tea is all about contrasts (s...

  • Left Hand  Fade to Black Vol.... Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Left Hand Fade to Black Vol....

    Fade to Black, that time of year when the light seems to fade away. We drift further into the darkness with each passing day. Volume 2- Smoked Baltic Porter is inspired by our collaboration with Nørrebro in Denmark. This mischievous cousin to Smoke Jumper has a penchant for pillaging and burning everywhere he goes. Smoked malts redolent ...

  • O
    Smoked BeerN/A

    O'Fallon Smoked Porter

    Dark, rich and smoky…this classic porter is brewed with 63% German smoked malt and makes a perfect after dinner (or anytime) sipper for those who love a “bigger” beer. Winner of the Gold Medal in the 2004 Great American Beer Festival® for best Smoked Beer in America! Style: Smoked Porter Alcohol: 6.0% ABV Bitterness: 24 IBUs Co...

  • Pipeworks Barrel Aged Smoked ... Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Pipeworks Barrel Aged Smoked ...

    Pipeworks Barrel Aged Smoked Porter unites wood and smoke in a natural harmony. This Barrel Aged offering finds our smoked porter aged in whiskey barrels from our friends at Koval Distillery. Like smoking a pipe by the fireplace, the resulting blend reeks of sophistication. We hope you'll enjoy this taste of liquid refinement.

  • Rogue Smoke Ale Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Rogue Smoke Ale

    A German style Rauchbier with an orange-amber hue, a delicate smoke aroma and flavor, with an intense hop finish.

  • Schlenkerla Ur-Bock Rauchbier... Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Schlenkerla Ur-Bock Rauchbier...

    A smoked bock beer for Bamberg's strong beer season (October through December). Matured for months in ancient rock-cellars underneath Bamberg and tapped freshly from the oakwood cask. Similar to, but much bigger than the classic Maerzen style.

  • Schlenkerla Weizen Rauchbier Thumb
    Smoked BeerN/A

    Schlenkerla Weizen Rauchbier

    The smoky aroma of this Bavarian wheat beer will transport you to a bonfire, and its unfiltered goodness soothes the soul.