• Amherst Heather Ale Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Amherst Heather Ale

    2003 Silver medal winner herb and spice catagory Great American Beer Fest, made without hops, 100% heather flowers giving it a flowery aroma, subtle sweetness, and crisp, clean finish. O.G. 13.5 B. T.G. 3.0 B. Alcohol by Volume 5.4%

  • Arcadia Jaw Jacker Ale Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb Beer4

    Arcadia Jaw Jacker Ale

    Jaw-Jacker Ale is our Fall Seasonal, a celebration of harvest-time and the changing of the seasons. Using only the finest malted barley and a touch of wheat for mouth-feel, Jaw-Jacker pours a brilliant orange-amber color with truly unique flavors. Although no pumpkins are used, a blend of nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon work with malty flav...

  • Arvada Christmas Spice Ale Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Arvada Christmas Spice Ale

    No Commercial Description Currently Available

  • Atlantic Island Ginger Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Atlantic Island Ginger

    A refreshing wheat beer spiced with fresh ginger root. The process of making this wheat beer has been nicknamed "special ginger tea", due to the fact that we add over 20 lbs. of fresh ground ginger root into the boil. We use pale malt, and wheat, as well as Target and Whitbread Goldings Variation hops to flavor this light, summer ale. I...

  • Barley Creek Winterfest Lager... Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Barley Creek Winterfest Lager...

    Our Winterfest Lager is a nicely spiced, comfortable brew that calls to mind the warmth of the holiday spirit. The cinnamon provides a hint of mulling spices, while the maple syrup evokes the maple wood of a traditional Wassail bowl. Winterfest Lager has a rich body, with a nice malt backbone and a satisfying finish. Try Winterfest with h...

  • Bell
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Bell's Eccentric Ale

    Monster of a beer, shrouded in mystery, brewed once a year. This beer is hopped quadruple-strength, and exoticly spiced. A special brew.

  • Bell
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    Bell's Harry Magill's Spiced ...

    Big and bold, this stout will warm you with flavors of maple, ginger and molasses. Perfect for complimenting your holiday cheer

  • Bell
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb Beer4

    Bell's Java Stout

    The satisfying elements of both stout and coffee come together in this full-bodied treat. A marriage of Sumatra's best with rich chocolate and roasted malt provides for a truly enlightening beer.

  • Bison Honey Basil Ale Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb Beer3.7

    Bison Honey Basil Ale

    About 7% of the fermentables in this beer come from organic clover honey. The rest is pale, Crystal and Munich malt, seasoned with Cascade hops and fresh organic basil. Yes, basil - about two pounds per barrel, added in the last 15 minutes. Makes you wonder, how would this beer go with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella?

  • BluCreek Herbal Ale Thumb
    Vegetable/Spice/Herb BeerN/A

    BluCreek Herbal Ale

    BluCreek (Honey) Herbal Ale is an all-natural beer hand crafted in small batches with an invigorating blend of real Wisconsin Ginseng root grown in northern Wisconsin- the most potent ginseng available in the world; stimulating certified organic Gingko Biloba; and powerful Guarana that is sustainably wild harvested in Brazil. These botani...